Being Employed vs Self Employed

Being employed or to run your own business, which one is better? To me, there’s no definite answer. It’s how you view it. However, there’s one common factor between them i.e. no matter whether you are an employee or an employer you will face risks.


There’re a lot of people who asked me, why do you want to set up your own business? Between being employed and to run a business, which has the higher risks? During our school years, we are told by our teachers and parents to study hard so that we can secure a good job in the future. If that is so, then why should we start a business? Thus, there is no right or wrong answer to this issue. Everyone deserves a life of his or her own choice.

To me, there’re more hidden risks involved in setting up a business but the entrepreneurs’ will have an advantage. They will take every failure as a lesson learnt and garner that experience to their advantage. Those priceless values of life will help them to stand on their own feet with greater courage. On the other hands, those employed will have lesser willpower compared to an entrepreneur. We seldom see a retrenched person being able to stand up again, do we?

Building business is like having to taste and swallow the bitterness before you can savour the sweetness. Thus, before you make any decision, be sure you think it over, look at the bigger picture and never make a decision that you will regret later. And, do not simply forego the job you are having now and venture into business without careful consideration. You need to look at your own situation before you make any decisions.

Always ask yourself, ” What do I want?”. If you can answer without any hesitation, then choosing between the two is not a problem for you!

2 thoughts on “Being Employed vs Self Employed”

  1. Self employ or being employed , it depends what actually the individual life mission ?
    It is very subjective issue , but 1 thing in common as human being and it would not differ by each others is Dicipline & Desire , self employ is very crucial for this 2 factors….

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