Benefits of Being Reseller Hosting

It is buying a reseller hosting plan and selling any type of Web Hosting to end users.


– People who buy hosting from you may come back to find you for renewing contract once your service is good.

Huge market since target is on website.

Fair competition between small companies and big companies.

How to Make Money With Reseller Hosting

Let say you buy a reseller web-hosting package with 10GB disk space and 10GB bandwidth. Then you break it into 10 separate accounts with 1GB disk space and 1GB bandwidth each and then sell to your customers. So if you sell each of these packages for $10.00 per month then you would be making $100.00 and your only cost will be $15.00 a month. So total profit will be $85.00 a month.

Choosing Your Reseller Hosting Provider

It’s important to choose correctly since it is tough and quite time consuming to move your clients to a new host. You must decide what is your requirement, who provides you the services and how reliable they are.

** Simple way to judge:

1.) Deciding on hosting features such as bandwidth, disk space, up selling. 24/7 phone support will be value added service.

2.) Must know to check if they have a good reputation and make sure they are a legit company.

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