Best Way To Increase Blog Traffics Using Twitter


Recent report shows that social networking site is now more popular than email. I have done my findings and noticed that Twitter has a skyrocket growth recently. It has high Alexa ranking which is #48. (replaced Facebook position, Facebook ranked #48 previously, #4 currently). Facebook is the most popular network around. Between Facebook and Twitter, you can build quite a following.


Twitter, is a popular Web 2.0 client and it has many usage. It allows you to discuss topics to others, throughout the day via Twitter. Thus, it can be a useful tool for your business or as a way to promote your blog or website.

How To Get Targeted Traffics With Twitter?

Once you have updated your blog, try to ask some questions there to check what is your follower think about the subject. Write a post about the status of financial issue, you may try to ask, “What is your opinion about global financial crisis?” and then link to your blog.

To increase more traffic, you have to start twittering away, follow people who interest you, and keep twittering. If let say you have 500 followers, and you post informative and entertaining post in your Twitter updates. You may get great amount of traffics if your follower interest with your link and content since they might repost it to their 500 of visitors. It’s a domino effect if done correctly.

If you get visitors to your blog from Twitter and they leave comments, be sure to go and visit their blogs and do the same or reply. The more active in commenting people the more likely your follower will venture over to your blog.

Do Not Try To Use Twitter For Spamming

Make sure that you are not abuse the Twitter just a means by which you promote your blog or being too spammy. And, you must be careful how many people you follow a day. You can be banned if you abuse their system for spamming purpose.

My Great Tips For You

If you are looking for targeted traffics, then check my great little tip here.

You can use this following line to search in Google to find people with specific interests. “bio” AND “your topic”

If you are trying to find those who interest in financial related issue, then you can try to put your topic as ‘financial blogger‘. If you do it in the right way, for sure it can drive traffics to your blog.

10 thoughts on “Best Way To Increase Blog Traffics Using Twitter”

  1. Hi David,
    I agree. Twitter could be an useful tool, and possible to send some traffic your way if it is used properly.

    Thank you for sharing. ^^

    Social Media/Blogging

  2. Ya… twitter is quite useful to increase blog traffic. Now many bloggers are using it already but some still not using it for some reasons. :p

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  4. Hi David!

    I agree with your advice about not using your Twitter account purely to promote your blog or website.

    I mean, if I follow someone and all they do is send me links to visit their blog… I might as well un-follow and just subscribe to their RSS feed right?

    I think a 1 to 10 ratio would be quite nice (1 website promo message vs 10 non-website related messages).

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