Calculate How Much You Can Save By Quit Smoking


As I know:
Dunhill is Malaysia no.1
Mild-7 is Japan no.1
Malboro is US no.1
Gudang Garam is Indonesia no.1

Personally, I tried few of them before but now I rarely smoke unless friends want me to smoke.

Averagely, there will be an increase in price for tobacco every year. Yet, I feel that the hike of cigarette prices never discourage from smoking.

Although Malaysia’s government imposes high taxes on branded cigarettes price of RM9.00 (app 2.62 US dollars) for a pack of 20 cigarettes but cheaper brands still available for RM6.xx or below per pack.

Do The Math…

Let’s say you start smoking at age 15 and smoke an average 1 pack per day. By the time you turn 30, you will have spent about RM32,400 on cigarettes (at RM6 per pack averagely). Just think about what you could have done with that money. Buy a car? Spend a summer in Europe? Pay for university? Financially, quit smoking and you’ll save a lot!

Please remember, I forgot to include the medical costs you will save by quit smoking. Haha…

Side Effects Of Smoking

I only can see the disadvantages with smoking; it also can cause health problems in the long run, not only for you, but the people around you. So, it will slowly kill you and mostly people will suffer from those common diseases like Cancer (lung, mouth, kidney, pancreas), Asthma. Premature Aging, Cataracts, doubles your risk of having a stroke…

9 thoughts on “Calculate How Much You Can Save By Quit Smoking”

  1. I don’t smoke but I have chewed tobacco for years. The ONLY way to quit is will power and a stop aid if necessary. I have tried the patch, pills, gum, Sucrets, you name it. Then I realized something very important. It took a few years for my body to work up a tolerance for tobacco. It’s definitely gonna take some time to get readjusted. Last year I made a new year’s resolution. I promised myself I would quit tobacco by new year’s eve 2007. I gave myself a year to cut back on the brand I used to use. Then, about 4 months ago I switch brands to one that had less nicotine. All of December I have tried cutting back on this brand. New Year’s Day will be my first tobacco free day. You have to get it off your mind. Reading, exercise, watching movies, some kind of hobby or craft. Just remember WILL POWER is the key. Don’t give in and if you do, don’t punish yourself. Don’t let one slip up make you stop trying. You can also set goals for yourself. Make the first goal easy. After one week off non smoking give your self a reward.

  2. I have smoked for 27 years and I have to say that I will never quit. I know its really bad for me, but I have come this far and done all the harm to my body that I can already do. I wished I would of had good information like on this site when I started smoking and maybe I wouldn’t have ever begun in the first place.

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