Cash RM500 For Households Earning Below RM3,000

A household with a monthly income below RM3,000 will be eligible for the RM500 cash assistance. This proposal is to help those low income earners or families for reducing the cost of living.

Who are eligible for the cash assistance?

The entitled household includes:

i. Married including married children and staying with parents

ii. Single parents with commitment

iii. Individual who is single and has commitment

iv. Old folks who are staying alone


Even if your married son/daughter stay with you and have their own income, you can still claim as long as your income is below RM3000.


So, single parents or those who staying alone can claim as long as monthly income is below RM3000.

However, there is nearly 70% of Malaysian in this country need assistance and have low income. So, government should think the way to overcome this problem, a one off RM500 will not be the best solution!

4 thoughts on “Cash RM500 For Households Earning Below RM3,000”

  1. Re BR1M RM500

    From the above illustration, it appears that more than 1 individual can claim under the same household or is it 1 household allowed 1 claim only.

    Rgds n TQ

  2. Whatever the requirements for the submission, adhere to it & most importantly – Submit it in.

    It’s one of the only times most of us will ever get to enjoy this ‘freebie’ from the government so dip in!

    After all, as AskChong puts it very well indeed – it is people like us, who are constantly taxed every mth-end on a regular basis – who are paying for it. So enjoy……

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