Cashflow 101 E-Game

Hi Readers, My name is Calvyn from, IT Engineer‘s Blog. Thank for our Malaysia’s Financial Blogger -> Mr. Money for giving me this opportunity as a Guest Blogger to bluff here.

I read “Rich Dad Poor Dad” during my academic time and a great number of people from Multi Level Marketing read this book mainly for self motivation. Besides, I also saw people play Cashflow 101 board game before. Most of them have their same word and said that this is a wonderful game. However, one set of Cashflow 101 board game cost few hundred USD and sadly said that I was not afford to buy even 1 set of board game at that time.

Cashflow 101 e-game

I had surveyed on Cashflow 101 chinese version which also sell in Popular book store cost about MYR350-MYR400. Damn expensive !!! Thus, E-game is the only alternatives. I tried to search over whole lowyat plaza but unfortunately i could not find Cashflow 101 P-Version which is the most people like it. At last, I manage to find a copy from a small retail shop at Penang. According to the shopkeeper, he said this E-Game is not so demanding, and not much people know how to play cashflow 101 e-Game.

Robert Kiyosaki, the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, also the creater of Cashflow 101. He always mention that for working class people just similar to “a rat in the race”. To run out of rat race, we need to know how to manage our cash flow. Cashflow 101 e-Game is more suitable for beginner who keen to learn how to manage their cashflow.

Before start the Cashflow 101 e-game, Robert Kiyosaki will teach you how to play this game through the video tutorial.

You are required to choose your dream for this e-game in order to achieve what you desire 😀

While you are in the rat race, you need to make money through several type of investment vehicles. All these are categorized as passive income to cover your monthly expenses. Once your passive income is more than of your debt, you are out of rat race!!!

After run out of rat race, you are going to fast track and you can make more money and more faster to achieve your dream.

It is very easy to be the winner on Cashflow 101 e-game !!!

It is unlike normal monopoly e-game which just play for fun. In Cashflow 101 e-game, you can learn a lot cashflow management knowledge. Here take some video on how the e-game goes like:

Video Take 2 on Cashflow 101 e-game

I will share more about Cashflow 202 e-game soon, which you will learn how to make money when market uptime, and also market downtime. So, basically it is more advanced than Cashflow 101…

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If you wish to know more about Cashflow 202 e-game, I have make a review at my blog

33 thoughts on “Cashflow 101 E-Game”

  1. I’ve had a taste of this game before. I’m still looking for a sure win strategy that can be easily applied in the real world.

    I’m not sure if what i did was inappropriate, but my strategy was dump all my money on one cheap share, hope for it to go up and then go for big oppurtunities all the way~~~ (which sounds like a gamble and isn’t really that applicable in real life)

  2. in our real live, the share don raise from $5 to $40 easily, may be this concept apply at other country, but not ours.

    other then this, is very hard to get those $0 downpayment property in our real world, but the game have

  3. I tried this game long time ago and because I have accounts background, it was quite easy for me to be the winner. I should say that this game has some good concept and it’s good to have a play. =)

  4. hi Moon Loh,

    Cashflow 101 is very easy,

    Did you play before cashflow 202? another more advance version, which have market up and market down, and may bankrupt if no proper manage

  5. Original cashflow 101 is $199, cashflow 202 I not sure, but you can get “original” one with not expensive price. If you need, contact me privately 😉

  6. very great game.
    i havent play but saw the video.
    juz got my 101 but no time to play yet.

    anyway i have all his books and certainly it helped me in businesses

  7. hi,iCalvyn.
    I’m Yiwon.i’ll finish my stpm soon.
    so,i would like to increase my financial IQ.
    can u help me with this?i’m very interested about the cash-flow 101 & 202.
    would u tell me where can i get both of the cash-flow?as the first step to financial freedom.

  8. salve, dove posso comprare il gioco cashflow 101 e 202 e quanto costa…sa qualcuno rispondermi? ringrazio anticipatamente

  9. 我本身也一直在寻找着这游戏…

  10. Hi, icalvyn, can i noe where can i get the electronic cash flow 101 0 202 e-game? o can u tell me where can i get the cheaper cash flow games?coz i did reseach juz now , it is $65.90 o after converted to MYR is around RM238…quite expensive=(…can i get it on below RM 200?

  11. Is that anyone might know where can get this E-game of cash flow 101 or 202 in penang. do let me know..
    I need it so so much…
    send to my email pls.

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