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Which Restaurant Eligible to Charge 5% Government Tax?

Do you know since 1st July 2008 onwards, all food restaurants other than hotels exceeding RM3million per year will be charged 5% government tax? I was in doubt whether certain restaurants like Old Town, Mcdonald’s and KFC can earn RM250,000/month for each outlet or not.

5% government tax

Sometimes, we as a consumer need to think whether the restaurant has the eligibility to charge us or not. If let say they are not eligible to charge us and still collecting 5% government tax from us then for sure it will become illegal !!!

Basically, a company could only collect 5% government tax from consumer if they have the license to do so, meaning they have to apply for it and obtain approval before charging it to customer as they are merely collecting on behalf of the Inland Revenue. And the money is not kept by them but need to be remitted to Custom at the required time.

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Good Idea to Invest in Car Parking Lots?

Many people feel that one highly generated profit in the real estate business is the car park sector. Why they are thinking like that? It’s because there’s just minimal maintenance and low labor cost (or even none), so running a car park business can gain great return in long term.

Invest in Car Parking Lots

From what I’ve surveyed recently, nobody is sure about investing money into stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. So, they are searching for new investment opportunities and one of the new ideas for them is investing in car parking lot. Yes, one of the nice things about investing in car parking lot is that there are lots of different investment sizes that you can make. You can make your own decision whether to purchase a small number of spaces or hundreds of spaces. Thus, this kind of investment is more versatile.

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The Most Success Online Auction Site: eBay


Generally speaking, eBay provides good opportunity for those who are seeking to start a internet based business. Nowadays, eBay resellers can earn their income by just selling items on eBay. At this point, you will notice that there are tons of consumers who love to shop on eBay auction site.

Advantages of Selling Products On eBay


If you can discover the secret how to make money on eBay then it’s great for you. Do you know why? This is because you don’t need to:

– have any technical skills & sales experience.
– work long hours.
– invest any of your own savings to make money.
– hire employees, inventory, worry of product delivery, make phone calls, rent office space and so on.

All you have to do is just post your pictures of products and receive the money. That’s how eBay works. Is that easy?

Know More About eBay Facts & Figures

Do you know…

When was eBay founded in the US? => Year 1995
How many registered users worldwide currently? => 233 millions

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