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Debit Master Card

As u known, MasterCard is running heavy TV advertisements to promote the debit MasterCard. I have applied a PB Visa Electron debit card 2 weeks b4 but til now still did not get the approval yet and mayb will try apply AmBank NexG MasterCard also within this few days.

What is Debit MasterCard?
Basically, debit MasterCard card is a card which linked to ur saving or current account and allows u to make transactions using ur funds at any merchant that accepts MasterCard. The amount will be automatically deducted from ur account. The amount is not limit, u can reload as much as u can. But minimum is RM30..haha

Where to apply?
Currently, u can apply Debit MasterCard card from 2 local banks: AffinBank Berhad and EON Bank Berhad.

AffinBank Debit MasterCard — Generally, any1 who has an AffinBank account and 18 year old can apply the debit MasterCard by filling up a debit card application form. You can earn 0.5% cash-back per transaction when u spend.

The annual fee of the card is RM20 per annum.
Balance inquiry at other bank’s ATM is RM1 per inquiry.
Cash withdrawal at other bank’s ATM is RM7 per withdrawal.

EON Bank Debit MasterCard — I think the fees and charges are bout the same as AffinBank Debit MasterCard. You may want to goto EON Bank branch for more information

My concept is try apply as many card as u can if u are active internet savvy !!!

eCosway Alliance Bank Payment Card (Master Gold)

eCosway Alliance Bank Payment Card is specially designed for eCosway Business Owners and Cosway members to earn income when they spend. It make easy for normal people to profit from e-commerce. You can now turn your expenses into income by using credit/debit card affiliated with eCosway company.

It is no annual fee but the joining fee for Alliance Bank is only RM30 and eCosway is only RM100 (forever membership) which is very easy to cover back. There will not have any minimum income requirement.

I have my own Alliance Bank payment card since January of 2007. I still remember that I applied it at middle of October 2006 and it took about 2 and half month to complete the processing of my application. So, this is the only disadvantage when applying Alliance Debit Card. But, it is very useful and can earn lots of point that is beyond your expectation.

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27th of July is the day that i get the 1st credit card which is from Maybank. It takes about 3 weeks to proccess. As a normal human, they need to prepare something when applying the credit card but fortunately i no need to prepare anything since my salary is bank in to Maybank. As long as ur monthly income exceed or equal to Rm1500 then will do. So, the bank officer just need to photostat my identity card for pre-approve only.

As i know, maybank credit card have 2 types for normal level user which are Maybank Visa Wave and Visa Flex. Do you know how to differentiate between each other?

Maybank Visa Wave which is the one that i personally own currently, it will waived you 2 years only means that there will no have annual fees for 1st 2 year. But i heard my seniors who are my work colleague said that you must call them after 2 year if they did not make any call to ask you whether wanna continue the credit card service or not. The another type is Visa Flex, it will waived you forever but u must maintain at least 2 transaction per month.

Age requirement:
As a principal cardholder, you must be aged between 21 to 65 (inclusive).
As a supplementary cardholder, you must be at least 18 years old.

Income requirement: