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Google Page Rank Updated On April Fool

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I noticed that Google updated most of the website or blog page rank on April Fool(1st April) but I just get my update today. My main blog page rank is maintained while another blog (3 months old) increased from page rank 0 to 2. I think the data centers are still in updating process because I can see certain site has PR 3. But when I check with a page rank tool it showed PR 4.

limpek page rank

At this moment, I feel very happy because my main blog is stable at PR 2, inner page doesn’t have much PR though, most remain 0 and little have PR 1.

Make Money Without Good Page Rank?

Actually, now I only understand that you don’t need good Google Page Rank to make money with your blog. You can much rather make money at home than have good Page Rank, but of course, both at the same time is great!

Google Page Rank

Google penalizes blogs Page Rank who use TextLinkAds, sponsored review, pay per post, and some other proven money making program. As a blogger you have to decide what is most important to you. If you are blogging only to get Page Rank then you’d better stay away from those kinds of money makers. On the other hand, if you want to make money with your blog, then you should look into them. But first, you need to get traffic coming to your site because you can’t make money without having a good amount of traffic.

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Google AdSense Biggest Internet Scam ?

I started from nothing, now I am earning and Internet is my bread and butter. Create a blog and start blogging my way into more money since it is not be affected by the economic crisis.

Google Adsense

I’ve started my Google AdSense account since last year, but 3 months ago my ads suddenly disappeared from my site. I checked my account and I don’t’ see any sign of being banned. I was wondering what could have gone wrong and I have requested an appeal from Google support but they never respond. I have recently switched to BidVertiser to tell the truth that I am not happy with Google service.

Google AdSense Sucks

Google Adsense Sucks

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How To Get Google Sitelinks?

Have you ever searched for something on Google and the top search listing had subpages listed for the Website? This is called Google Sitelinks. Sitelinks are generated automatically by Google, you have nothing to do in order to get them. Google will check your site if your site has enough contents and at least 1 year old.

Most of the famous blogger like IT Engineer,, will have their Sitelinks displayed but when I type imDavidLee, no Sitelinks displayed. Thus, I still need to work hard on this. I noticed that most of the blogger’s Sitelinks will be displayed if their search result exceed 10,000 when their particular name is being searched.


Tips For Getting Google Sitelink

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