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Working in Malaysia vs UK

working in uk

I hope that through this platform, I can know some feedback about this topic. Do you think working in Malaysia is better than working overseas for long term?

Malaysia is still a developing country so there still will be a lot of opportunity. UK, which is, developed country, which means that you have to be the one that is outstanding then you will only get your higher chance to get a better career.

Factors To Consider Before Working Overseas

Sometimes, depending what kind of work and the most important of all what is the money that you are earning. For example, if you are working on something that will not bring healthy idea to help in developing our country, then please do not work in oversea. This is because you did not pose any good attribute and quality in yourself.

Someone asked me, as a fresh graduate from local university without any working experience, is it good to work in UK?

Speaking from UK point of view, it’s not easy for you to get a job. Unless you have something very attractive to offer, for example, you owned an engineering model for a particular field and earned yourself credits for it, it will be quite a challenge to secure a job via a local degree.

My suggestion is to work in a MNC such as Intel, Dell, Motorola or others, earn some experience and it will be easier. Singapore would be an ideal place to start.

If You Are a High Quality Employee, Why Not Consider Working in Oversea?

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July 12th, 2009 | 16 Comments | 13,290 views

Think About Job Bonus Before Quit

A job bonus may be based on the employee’s performance. Measurements of performance such as hours worked, overtime, sales revenue produced.

Year End Bonus

Some company may reward employee as profit sharing for the productivity made and improved product quality. This is to encourage employees to understand how their work affects the company’s performance and profitability.

Every year when those bonuses are cashed, you may notice that the resignation letters start flowing in. There may have common reasons like what I have seen before:

1) Money: Most people jump to another company, as they believe that it will be the faster path to higher earnings.

2) Lack of Challenging: Sometimes people were not think about compensation but more on responsibility.

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August 20th, 2008 | 3 Comments | 5,592 views

Why Choose Jobstreet ?


If asked where to look for jobs, someone will surely say “JobStreet“. With its large network covering 9 countries like Malaysia, India, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Japan, Hong Kong, there’s no doubt that JobStreet has always been one of the ideal choices among job seekers and employers.


For me, it has higher accuracy match job. As a jobseeker the site speed is quite fast and they had dominating the market for years. But, the drawback is there got quite little request for interviews each month.

For JobsandMore, the job opportunities listing is still considered relatively little. Well, perhaps it is still new in the industry, probably it takes some time to be known.

JobStreet Vs JobsAndMore

In terms of physical layout, JobsAndMore doesn’t offer better sense because it cannot show own identity as jobs posting site. The job search mechanism seems not being focused and highlighted.

Furthermore, it doesn’t provide the facility of alert email subscription.

July 11th, 2008 | 1 Comment | 11,386 views

To Be Self Employed or Being Employee?

Boss & EmployeeI’ve a permanent position from company to be a Software Engineer. Currently, i’m not keen on this permanent position as i would have to learn a lot of things which naturally takes up a lot of my time as i’m new in the field but this does good for me to expose in a lot of process in global scale. This will no doubt benefit my career in a longer run.

Most important thing is make sure that:

1. Do what you enjoy.

2. If a job is just a job, it’s not worth.

3. If a job is an opportunity for you to learn relevant skills, make useful network and gain good work experience, it’s worth.

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May 24th, 2008 | 5 Comments | 4,736 views

Interview is important?

I write this article due to I realize that interview is an important session that everyone should concentrate on. Interview is to give interviewer chance to know and understand one’s perspective, so that they can analyze from one person whether he/she is a reliable and fully be prepared to take the greater responsibility on the job that will be performed later.

All good company should do at least 1 performance review annually; this is to measure how well, how fast they have performed during working. Not only 1 way but interviewee may also voice out their personal ideas and suggestions on how to do some improvement over the issue that have been arisen previously or currently to interviewer.

I know some of the people take less initiative and do not care much on the interview session. Generally, “interview is a 1st impression of one person to the employer”. For me, it is the procedure that one person should follow before they start employed. Every people nowadays very sensitive on ‘monthly salary’ as this is the income that they have to gain to fulfill their self satisfaction. I found that most of the people like fresh graduated student will have this kind of attitudes. They will try jumping from one company to another company to find more suitable ‘monthly salary’ rather than suitable job.

Personally think that we should find more ‘stable job’ than what is called ‘higher income’ that may not guarantee your job stability in future. Of course, if you can find the job that can provide you both value then will be appreciated. However, you must know that ‘stability’ is the value that is determined by ur performance. With stability, you can try to extend your ability to do more challenging task.

Besides that, if u have stable job performance, you will have stable income indirectly. Subsequently, financial issues will be minimized. The chances of being financial freedom in your life will be higher …

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