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Interview is important?

I write this article due to I realize that interview is an important session that everyone should concentrate on. Interview is to give interviewer chance to know and understand one’s perspective, so that they can analyze from one person whether he/she is a reliable and fully be prepared to take the greater responsibility on the job that will be performed later.

All good company should do at least 1 performance review annually; this is to measure how well, how fast they have performed during working. Not only 1 way but interviewee may also voice out their personal ideas and suggestions on how to do some improvement over the issue that have been arisen previously or currently to interviewer.

I know some of the people take less initiative and do not care much on the interview session. Generally, “interview is a 1st impression of one person to the employer”. For me, it is the procedure that one person should follow before they start employed. Every people nowadays very sensitive on ‘monthly salary’ as this is the income that they have to gain to fulfill their self satisfaction. I found that most of the people like fresh graduated student will have this kind of attitudes. They will try jumping from one company to another company to find more suitable ‘monthly salary’ rather than suitable job.

Personally think that we should find more ‘stable job’ than what is called ‘higher income’ that may not guarantee your job stability in future. Of course, if you can find the job that can provide you both value then will be appreciated. However, you must know that ‘stability’ is the value that is determined by ur performance. With stability, you can try to extend your ability to do more challenging task.

Besides that, if u have stable job performance, you will have stable income indirectly. Subsequently, financial issues will be minimized. The chances of being financial freedom in your life will be higher …