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Sushi King Promotion: Big Bowl Challenge


Does your stomach have the big capacity? What is your eating speed? When was the last time you had a bowl of noodle?

Sushi King is currently having this challenge for you; it’s open to all participants. What you need to know about Sushi King Big Bowl Challenge? All you need to do is to finish the entire bowl + SOUP within 10 minutes. If you can’t finish it in time, then your RM38.80 will fly off. So, it’s better to finish it up, as the noodle is not worth RM38.80.

However, you must eat at your own risk. If you ended up with stomach, please don’t put the blame on them ya…


I am wondering if they serve you the noodle in super boiling hot 1 liter soup, can you finish it in 10 minutes?

What Is The Terms & Conditions of Big Bowl Challenge?

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September 13th, 2009 | 7 Comments | 12,057 views

McDonald’s Ramadhan Promotion: McValue Buka Puasa

McValue Buka Puasa

McDonald’s is now extending their McDonald’s McValue Lunch promotion to dinner. This is in conjunction of the month of Ramadan. So, it is called the McValue Buka Puasa! So wonderful name…haha…The McValue Buka Puasa is available every day from 6pm to 9pm. This promotion is valid till 19th of September.

Enjoy McValue Lunch Promotion From RM5.95 Only !!!

McValue Lunch

Through this promotion, you can choose from the 10 McValue Meal choices from only RM5.95. So, it’s a great chance for you to enjoy more savings!

McDonald’s 10 choices of McValue Lunch:

McChicken RM 5.95 (usual price: RM9.25)
Chicken McNuggets (6 pcs) – RM 5.95 (usual price: RM9.35)
Filet-O-FishRM 5.95 (usual price: RM8.95)
Big Mac RM 7.95 (usual price: RM10.10)
Spicy Chicken McDeluxeRM 7.95 (usual price: RM10.45)
Big N Tasty RM 8.95 (usual price: RM10.90)
Ayam Goreng McD (spicy 2pcs) – RM 8.95 (usual price: RM10.10)
Ayam Goreng McD (regular 2pcs) – RM 8.95 (usual price: RM10.10)
Double Cheeseburger RM 7.95 (usual price: RM9.45)
Quarter Pounder with Cheese – RM 8.95 (usual price: RM10.10)

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September 1st, 2009 | 1 Comment | 12,378 views

Try It Out New Cheaper Petrol RON95 !!!


I hope it is not too late to announce some good news that Malaysia new petrol RON95 will be fully introduced this 1st of September, and it will cost about RM1.75 per liter, which is 5 cent cheaper than RON97 (RM1.80 per liter recently) but also 5 cent more expensive than RON92 (RM1.70 per liter recently).

But there is another bad news; RON97 petrol price will be increased to RM2.00 per liter. Anyway, thanks to my fellow blogger Lai Ke Po for providing me such kind of useful information.

Do You Know What Is RON?

RON means research octane number and it refers to the ability of gasoline to auto burn inside the engine. Simply say, RON97 is harder to burn compared to RON95.

Higher octane number oil is basically designed for higher performance cars such as sport cars and racing cars. This is to avoid premature burning of oil inside the engine.

A lot of people said that RON92 petrol is the older oil and it is only suitable for older cars only. And, there are also some said that RON92 petrol would make the engine dirty. As comparison, RON92 petrol is less powerful than RON95 and RON97. What do you think?


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August 26th, 2009 | 50 Comments | 57,074 views

Fantastic Offer With New DiGi DG30 Postpaid Plan !!!

Digi Postpaid Plan

DiGi has launched its New DG30 Postpaid Plan. If you are looking for the lowest postpaid plan with zero access fees in Malaysia, then this is a smartest choice for you. The new postpaid plan has been launched since 19th May 2009 and it just replaces DG20 Postpaid Plan, which was their previous lowest DiGi Postpaid Plan.

DG30 Vs DG20 Postpaid Plan

Previously, DG20 Postpaid Plan was a subscription based plan whereby RM20 is charged for access fee and call usage are charged separately. Now with DG30 Postpaid Plan, the RM30/month is actually commitment that you can use.

Let us compare DG30 and DG20 to see the major differences:

Digi DG30 Postpaid Plan

i. Zero Access Fee

DG20 Monthly Fee: RM20 (Access Fee = RM20, Talk Time Rebate = RM0)
DG30 Monthly Fee: RM30 (Access Fee = RM0, Talk Time Rebate = RM30)

ii. Lower SMS Rates

DG20 charges RM0.15/SMS
DG30 charges RM0.10/SMS, RM0.20/MMS

iii. Same Voice Call Rates

Both DG20 and DG30 charge RM0.20 per minute. As usual, calls are charged at 30 seconds block.

If you are still a DiGi Prepaid user and spend almost RM30/month, then it is a great time to switch DiGi prepaid plan to DiGi Postpaid Plan. You can enjoy better rates and only RM0.20/minute for all calls across all networks.

Limitation of DG30 Postpaid Plan

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June 18th, 2009 | 8 Comments | 29,125 views

Calculate How Much You Can Save By Quit Smoking


As I know:
Dunhill is Malaysia no.1
Mild-7 is Japan no.1
Malboro is US no.1
Gudang Garam is Indonesia no.1

Personally, I tried few of them before but now I rarely smoke unless friends want me to smoke.

Averagely, there will be an increase in price for tobacco every year. Yet, I feel that the hike of cigarette prices never discourage from smoking.

Although Malaysia’s government imposes high taxes on branded cigarettes price of RM9.00 (app 2.62 US dollars) for a pack of 20 cigarettes but cheaper brands still available for RM6.xx or below per pack.

Do The Math…

Let’s say you start smoking at age 15 and smoke an average 1 pack per day. By the time you turn 30, you will have spent about RM32,400 on cigarettes (at RM6 per pack averagely). Just think about what you could have done with that money. Buy a car? Spend a summer in Europe? Pay for university? Financially, quit smoking and you’ll save a lot!

Please remember, I forgot to include the medical costs you will save by quit smoking. Haha…

Side Effects Of Smoking

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May 3rd, 2009 | 9 Comments | 12,799 views