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Buy 1 Free 1 Pizza Online Offers

Buying phone, books or toys on the Internet is common these days as it just simply takes a few minutes to confirm an order. Pizza Hut has taken the lead in bringing new trend to Malaysians in terms of food.

pizza hut offer

In my lifetime, I have seen the change from pizza restaurant, to pizza delivery, and now pizza that can be ordered online. It has become easier for us to order food that delivered to our home in a short time period. A customer just needs only a computer and Internet access to enjoy the online delivery service and access online payment service.

They can now order their food and pay it very quickly and conveniently without wasting much time searching for cash and waiting for change. The online payment system accepts Maybank credit cards as well as Visa or MasterCard but the orders must be worth between a minimum of RM10 and a maximum of RM300 per transaction.

Mobile Wallet Another New Trend In Malaysia !!


I’m sure lots of people have heard about Mobile Money, which is card less credit card, right? But have you heard about Mobile Wallet. Yes!!! It’s another new kind of trend that you can use Phone as a Wallet and no need carry so much cash together. You just SMS when doing any transaction and money will deduct from there. It is approved by BNM at the same time.



I don’t know the background of the company. Even they are approved by BNM on the project but that does not mean that the BNM knows what they are doing. Initially the company might propose up the plan and approved by the BNM on the Mobile Wallet project. The company may use this approval and draws up another strategy plan to run MLM.

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