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CIMB Bank Fixed Deposit Campaign

2 days ago, my friend Thian Thian come to visit me and from the conversation, i only know that she is working in CIMB bank now and provides me the latest information about the CIMB newly launched product – “Go for Gold” which is a nationwide deposit campaign. I never heard about this campaign before but I am eager to get more details from her, she said that you would stand a chance to win the prizes if you make deposit with CIMB Bank.

She also explained to me that with every incremental deposit of RM1,000 during the campaign period, you will entitled to get 1 entry for the contest.


As an fixed deposit account holder, they will enjoy added bonus during this campaign period, customers will get the interest of 2.45% per year on their 8 months fixed deposit placement. For me, the idea is very simple which encourage more people to deposit in bank; the more they put into fixed deposit the higher chances of winning.

CIMB “Go For Gold” Campaign

This Go For Gold campaign will runs for 4 months which effective from 1st Feb 2010 to 31st May 2010, and the grand prize winner will be rewarded 1kg gold bar.

Grand Prize:
1kg Gold Bar

1st Prize x 10:
Gold Coast Holiday for 2 worth RM15,000

2nd Prize x 10:
Gold Voucher worth RM5,000

Monthly Prize x 50:
Gold Voucher worth RM1,000

Besides that, you will get the guaranteed gifts which are:
Gold Umbrella – If you deposit more than or equal to RM30,000 in fixed deposit.
Gold Umbrella x RM150 Petrol Vouchers – If you deposit more than or equal to RM150,000 in fixed deposit.

4 Responses to “CIMB Bank Fixed Deposit Campaign”

  1. Calvyn Says:

    I have join this too, this month put RM3k, and next month another RM3K

  2. chee Says:

    Can i know what is the minimum amount I need to save in order to join this campaign?

  3. Kris Says:

    Using CIMBCLICKS you can get the same campaign..If so going to put a fewK just to try luck. Other than that, no much interest since the returns are still very very low.

    Plus, you get chained down for 8 months. Currently, you get like 2% for a 3 month deposit.

    Gotta think of keeping the bullets alive for the next investing opportunities.

    Carpe Diem!!

  4. C.H. Says:

    A note on the guaranteed gift, there a small statement “While stock lasts” attached to it. I’ve invested in them and have NOT receive any gifts. so be-warned 😀

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