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DiGi Free SMS Service

I strongly believe that there are still a lots of Digi user do not know that there has a great opportunity to send free SMS from Digi site to a mobile phone everyday. Yet, this is limited to only 3 SMS per day and you are restricted to send to Digi number only. For me, it’s better than nothing and it’s still considered a great deal.

What Should I Do To Get DiGi Free SMS Everyday?

I suggest to any Digi user to go Digi Site and register their number there. Then you will get a login password through your handphone within few seconds. Login with your mobile number and password then you can send up to 161 supporting characters per SMS.

register digi

digi password
logon digi

digi free sms

What Terms & Condition Should Be Followed?

Just one PC and Internet connection only. So, if you frequently deal with PC during working time then it’s better to train yourself to make use of free 3 SMS given by Digi everyday.

Note: Do not send more than 3 SMS using Digi site as it will charge you RM 0.10 per SMS.

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13 Responses to “DiGi Free SMS Service”

  1. ChampDog Says:

    Only Digi? I’m using Maxis. Do you aware any free SMS online? I kind of come across this, not sure if this thing still available.

  2. iCalvyn Says:

    maxis available, may be can blog about this… celcom i not sure lo

  3. nee Says:

    too bad i’m not a digi subscriber..
    for maxis u can get it here..
    remember to read the terms and conditions..hehe..

  4. Neo Says:

    So mafan, subscribe Maxis la, sms super cheap also.

  5. yenny christie Says:

    hai yang how are you.i miss u lah

  6. miin Says:

    wat the webisde of digi free sms??there no cheap

  7. zena Says:

    wow!,only from digi to digi or can from digi to maxis ?

  8. zena Says:

    Ops just now i saw this ” to Digi number only. “…unfortunately,n btw u can send a msg from digi number to digi by 1 sen Only
    by this:
    2-then requesting.
    3-answer by pressing (2).
    4-add your friend’s number.

    I think all ppl kno this way,just wanted to help 😀

  9. Says:

    Send bulksms online ? Goto

    Free 20 sms each new register user. (5 + 15).

  10. eddie ng Says:

    Good & convenient ,efficient & user friedly,will inform all my business partners using digi services…

  11. eddie ng Says:

    digi provides user friendly services….

  12. online sms Says:

    have been an increasing number of online users these days and SMS has become so popular that it is hard to find someone who has a mobile phone

  13. Qaseem Siddiqui Says:

    how can we send free sms to DiGi from web or internet?

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