Early Birds Special! Get 2 Years Free Service For Proton Inspira

Oh yeah! Our New Proton Waja 2 LancerProton Inspira now available for bookings! The 1.8 manual will be priced at RM79,888 while the 2.0 CVT Auto Premium will be priced at RM95,000. I guess those people who like current Lancer will feel more excited.

Proton Inspira

Currently, it’s available in red, white, black or silver color. You now can go to any Proton dealer to make a deposit of RM1k. There’ll also have special package for early birds who make a bookings by the 15th of November 2010, then you will be offering a 2 years (50,000km) free service package worth RM1,658 including parts and labor.

Proton Inspira New Proton waja

Although it’s just a re-badged car, but i feel there’s nothing wrong with that as business is not just about saving cost only, it’s also about innovation.

Malaysia Car Price Still Very High!

Honestly speaking, our countries car market still a little skewed, if this Proton Inspira sells for RM79-95k, it is still considered very expensive. When you compare our income/car price ratio of our country to the other countries like Germany, US and etc where car owners get more worth when purchasing a car. Anyway, just hope that our Malaysian can accept this revolution and may this new Proton Inspira gives you more inspiration in your life.

3 thoughts on “Early Birds Special! Get 2 Years Free Service For Proton Inspira”

  1. OSK research expects Proton to make good money next year especially with strong demand for this new model.

    Good strategy used by Proton to launch the new model and “recall” at the same time to boost public confidence.

    Yes, price still very expensive compared to other countries. What to do? Just vote for the right government in coming election, expected 2nd half 2011.

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