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Fantastic Offer With New DiGi DG30 Postpaid Plan !!!

Digi Postpaid Plan

DiGi has launched its New DG30 Postpaid Plan. If you are looking for the lowest postpaid plan with zero access fees in Malaysia, then this is a smartest choice for you. The new postpaid plan has been launched since 19th May 2009 and it just replaces DG20 Postpaid Plan, which was their previous lowest DiGi Postpaid Plan.

DG30 Vs DG20 Postpaid Plan

Previously, DG20 Postpaid Plan was a subscription based plan whereby RM20 is charged for access fee and call usage are charged separately. Now with DG30 Postpaid Plan, the RM30/month is actually commitment that you can use.

Let us compare DG30 and DG20 to see the major differences:

Digi DG30 Postpaid Plan

i. Zero Access Fee

DG20 Monthly Fee: RM20 (Access Fee = RM20, Talk Time Rebate = RM0)
DG30 Monthly Fee: RM30 (Access Fee = RM0, Talk Time Rebate = RM30)

ii. Lower SMS Rates

DG20 charges RM0.15/SMS
DG30 charges RM0.10/SMS, RM0.20/MMS

iii. Same Voice Call Rates

Both DG20 and DG30 charge RM0.20 per minute. As usual, calls are charged at 30 seconds block.

If you are still a DiGi Prepaid user and spend almost RM30/month, then it is a great time to switch DiGi prepaid plan to DiGi Postpaid Plan. You can enjoy better rates and only RM0.20/minute for all calls across all networks.

Limitation of DG30 Postpaid Plan

You are not allowed to subscribe supplementary line.

Maxis vs DiGi RM30 Postpaid Plan

Maxis Value First

Maxis Postpaid Plan – Value First, which has RM30/month. However, the call rates of Maxis Postpaid Plan are RM0.18/minute for on-net and RM0.20/minute for off-net. SMS is charged at RM0.10/SMS for all networks which is quite similar to DiGi Postpaid Plan, the only major different is MMS which is charged at RM0.25 for on-net and RM0.50 for off-net.

Besides, Value First calls are charged at 60 seconds block, which would make short calls more expensive. Supplementary lines are also not allowed for Maxis Value First. Thus, do you think which plan is better?

8 Responses to “Fantastic Offer With New DiGi DG30 Postpaid Plan !!!”

  1. Archie Says:

    I still prefer DiGi because of their 30 sec blocks which i only pay 10 cent for a short call.

  2. Jane Says:

    i’ve been with digi from the first day

  3. Money4Invest | Lee Says:

    I’m a DIGI prepaid card user long time already and still using their service. But i seldom call over RM30 every month. Therefore, I’m still comfortable with prepaid.

  4. Calvyn Says:

    if they can make it 5 block per second, I might consider change my plan to it.

    because currently i only pay 4 cent for a short call

  5. annant Says:

    im currently a digi user…im about to switch to maxis postpaid..
    after reading this, im in dilemma… :S

  6. Jayce Says:

    I use DiGi once during Uni. Using Hotlink now. Seldom use mobile phone anyway…

  7. kenwooi Says:

    its getting more and more competitive.. telco companies are going all out to offer their best and cheapest rates.. haha..

    but i think hotlink is still the best! =D

  8. Mei yee Says:

    Digi that postpaid DG 20/30 , can Subline with other people maa?

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