Gold Coins Investment Better Than Stock?


If you are planning to diversify your investments portfolio, then you can try to do gold investment. Most of the people believe that gold investment is a good investment. 1 of my client had bought gold as their investment before and made roughly around 10%-15% for the investment which is better than fixed deposit.

For me, gold investment is another good option that you may try to consider in order to diversify your investment risk. If you are medium to long term investors then it may suit you since it is a moderate risk kind of investment.

My Review on the Gold Investment Market

Based on what i known, i can say that gold investment has grown dramatically in this few years, but it is still just a tiny proportion if you compare with the stock investment.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Gold Coins Investments

Nowadays, gold is still a valuable commodity, but not many people actually look at buying gold as their first priority of investment. 1 of the method you can do is collecting gold coins for future investment.


We can’t deny that gold is a good hedge against inflation or falling value of currencies. Plus, it is relatively stable. Although it may fall up or down, but the price of gold offers global gold coins investors a relatively constant investment return that is hard to ignore.


You need to have some knowledge in its. Basically, there are the fundamental thing that you should do research regarding the gold coins history, purity and origin. This is to prevent you from losing money on such investments.

Besides that, gold coins can be very expensive.

8 thoughts on “Gold Coins Investment Better Than Stock?”

  1. Gold investment indeed a nice investment to diversify your portfolio where it go against the market trend.
    I gain 10% of return in 10 months which is consider good for me.

  2. Gold is a great investment hedge. The past 3 years have seen my gold bullion and coins greatly increase in value while all the US dollar has done is decrease dramatically

  3. David, have you written anything about how and where to invest in gold?

    Do we just walk into the banks and tell the bankers that we want to invest in gold?

    Or is there a website which can handle gold investment for us?

    Would appreciate any feedback you have regarding this.

  4. What can I say. I do like the sight of Gold, specially gold coins such as Mexican Gold Libertad but also Australian Lunar goldcoins espcecially Dragon coin and dont forget Canadas Maple Leaf gold coins and Gold Nugget from Australia

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