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Google AdSense vs Bidvertiser

There are 2 Pay Per Click Advertising programs often go head to head Google AdSense vs Bidvertiser in a battle for the winner. Most of the people sure know about Google Adsense, it’s the block of ads and very popular on all types of websites over the Internet.

Both have a good anti-click fraud system to ensure that the publisher and advertiser are safe by detecting IP address and blocking too many clicks from one IP.

Why I Quit Bidvertiser?

After 7 months using Bidvertiser program, finally I’ve make decision to quit and now Google AdSense is my first choice.

google adsense earning

Many people believe that Bidvertiser is the new contender looking to overthrow Google AdSense as number one advertiser. But, I have different saying here, the things that makes me feel unsatisfied about Bidvertiser are the relevancy of advertising, slower loading scripts and lack of advertisers.

In the other words, Google AdSense ads are based on the content of your site, so if your site has a rich content basically it would generate relevant ads.

In addition, I personally feel that Google AdSense control panel is more user friendly since it uses easy to understand wording. And, creating an ad unit involves fewer steps and it’s in sequential process.

Good Points of Bidvertiser

However, you can get paid sooner than Adsense, which require only $10, while you need to reach $100 with Google AdSense then only can cash out.


Unlike Adsense, Bidvertiser pays via Paypal. For me, it is more convenient than cheque payment.


In Bidvertiser, you can control which ads will appear on your site. You can view a listing of advertisements and can decline an ad if you don’t want it to be displayed on your site.

Based on my past experience, Bidvertiser can offer $0.10- $.30 per click while Google AdSense offers $0.1x- $0.3x per click. In short, Bidevertiser pay rate quite similar to Google AdSense, but if compare the number of click you gained, then Google AdSense is the number one due to it has a lot of advertisers and the percentage of people click on the ads is pretty high.

My Conclusion

For now, i can say with certainty that Bidvertiser still not a good alternative to Google Adsense in terms of publisher’s earning. However, the same may not be true for all sites so i suggest you try at your own experiments.

27 Responses to “Google AdSense vs Bidvertiser”

  1. Calvyn Says:

    Google Adsense will be my boss

  2. JY Shops Says:

    I prefer google adsense too..

  3. rayz Says:

    erm.. wow u have lot of impression !!!

  4. Learn to write blog Says:

    my google adsense account has been banned since two months ago. could you advise me how to re-register?

  5. zool Says:

    I agre with u that bidvertiser is lack ads…
    that’s why adsense is better .

  6. BenWL Says:

    Google Adsense is the best!!!

  7. kenwooi Says:

    i use adsense quite long edy..
    but income still very slow..
    any tips?
    is it targeted mainly for US ppl?

  8. 7Eleven Says:

    Google adsense policy more stricter than bidvertiser…However, it is still the best earning method

  9. imDavidLee Says:

    to Learn to write blog: u can try to re-sign up but using different people name and home address else u wont get approved

    to kenwooi: no.. Google adsense is widely use all over the world…i think may be you can try to change your placement of ads

  10. SP Blogger Says:

    Google AdSense is still the best PPC for me. Can’t live without it. 😛

  11. Prince of Andalus Says:

    my blog is considered new… only put nuffnang ads… hehe.. still searching what is the best for ppc..

    good info, thanks..

  12. zool Says:

    I’ve add your blog at my blogroll

  13. Money4Invest | Lee Says:

    I also think that Google Adsense is better than Bidvertiser because of its popularity and number of advertiser.

  14. Steve Yu Says:

    My main online income comes from Google Adsense.

  15. JL Says:

    Well Adsense is definitely better for now because it has been longer in the market. Maybe give Bidvertiser more time and it could catch up?

  16. David Lee Says:

    To JL: hmm..i personally feel that Bidvertiser cant compete with Google Adsense even they are in same market coz Bidvertiser ads not so attractive and very less..In future, if they become big but Adsense may go more advanced

  17. foongpc Says:

    I just succeeded in getting AdSense recently after being rejected many times. Currently have both Adsense and Bidvertiser on my blog.

    I like Adsense as the ads are more relevant to the post so readers who are interested in your topic may click on the ads.

    I also agree Bidvertiser’s ads are limited, and not relevant to post so they may not be able to fully compete with Google.

    The only thing is Adsense is very strict and we must be extra careful not to accidently click on our own ads. In fact, do not allow family members to read your blog on your computer in case they accidently click on the ads!

  18. Lee Says:

    I prefer Google AdSense. Bidvertiser is slow and hardly making money for me.

  19. ayie Says:

    google adsense is good =D

  20. elims chuang 光宏 Says:

    Wow! earn so much money~geng! I wish can get those money too.. sad~

  21. Luis Says:

    Well I still havent tried any of them. It seens google adsense is better by having more ads. But paypal payment is very good too, because I live in Brazil. Could I choose them both ?

  22. Earl Says:

    you sir are a great inspiration to the blogging community to write content like this and to make such a great blog.

  23. Haele Says:

    I’ve been looking for info like this for a while and this hits the jack pot! Thank you once again for this!

  24. Irvin Says:

    This is a great blog here, it really is with all the information present and all the info to be found on this blog!

  25. trabalho em casa Says:

    there is many many bloggers that are making tons of cash just using adsense, i recomend you to learn this and apply.

  26. health lifestyle blog Says:

    I too prefer to use adsense over Bidvertiser. I only use Bidvertiser on non-adsense-supported language site

  27. Faisalabad Photographers Says:

    I think it is best for those ,who are rejected from adsense.

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