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Google Ranked Me PR 3

Huh…It’s impressed me indeed. Last 2 months my Page Rank drop from 2 to 0. This happened to me when I noticed that writing post that’s offered by advertiser could lead to getting zero Page Rank. However, I gained back higher page rank just start of this month.


With this PR, I can earn much more money from now on. I also hope that this can last forever.

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May 5th, 2008 Posted in Achievement 2008 | 11,906 views

10 Responses to “Google Ranked Me PR 3”

  1. patricklim Says:

    nice post

  2. LegendChew Says:

    Congratulations!! Wish your PR going up up away!! Do share with us your secret. 😉

  3. r1ooooo Says:

    congrats then ^^

  4. simpleyesa Says:

    Good for you!

    My PR dropped from 2 to ZERO few weeks ago and haven’t had a clue how to bring it up again.

    Mind if i ask how’d you do that?

    I have a PR code that shows i’m PR3 but some code shows my PR is big ZERO! huhuhu

  5. hanson Says:

    too good to hear good news from what will u going to do with pr3??

  6. mankind Says:

    really dun have any idea how it calculate..if wan to write sponsor post then sure PR drop, dunno how to maintain and control it..

  7. hank Says:

    Good job on the PageRank – it’s amazing what you can do when you post good content. Nicely done!

  8. iCalvyn Says:

    Great leh, mine is just PR2 for the subdomain, too bad, and i dono why my PR cant raise

  9. Dragon Says:

    mine also from 0 to 2. previously i got a 1 and it became 0 since i did paid post as well. happily, another site maintain at 3 and another new site have a 2 from 0. 🙂

    really cannot predict what Google is thinking. suka suka it will give u 0, suka suka give u a 3. hopefully can maintain forever, like what u said.

  10. seraphangel Says:

    hey I see your PR as n/a, google hasn’t updated your PR to 3? What is your secret to getting it up to 3? Do share.

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