Happy Chinese New Year

What would you do during Chinese New Year? Traditionally, Chinese families would visit everyone else’s family by going over to their houses and giving their blessings. I never got how everyone manages the logistics because if everyone is out for visiting others, who is at home? Actually, anyone who is married couples will give red pockets to single. So, I still can have this chance to receive “Ang Pau”.

Ang Pau

December to February is always a fun few months because of Christmas, my birthday and Chinese New Years. Celebration or not, personal finance is still key. While it’s easy to forget about responsible spending when we are happy and in “celebration mode”, remember that a little fun is always good but excessive spending is disastrous!

2 thoughts on “Happy Chinese New Year”

  1. jen always stay at hOme cOz seldOm at hOme since studying at kampar…

    Opss!! but i did hang Out with family and friends ya…keke.

    hOw’s yOur cny?

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