How Burden Of PTPTN Loan Interest Charge?

Do you feel that PTPTN loan interest charge are enormous?

As far as I know, PTPTN will start counting the interest 6 months after you graduate. For me, they have been charging me almost MYR 25 per month which is 3% interest charged. 3% interest rate is the lowest rate in loan industry, so I prefer to pay minimum amount. Then I can make more money by investing in unit trust and share due to difference in % return.


I borrowed 10k during my diploma course, but never use it till reach my study to degree as I work a lot of part time job that time. Then, what should I do after graduate from diploma level? I have filled out the PTPTN delay form and prepared other document like degree 1st semester student bills to prove that I still continue study.


The monthly interest can be decreased if you make the repayment every month else the interest amount will be increased. The important thing that you should do is pay before they charge the administration cost, which falls on the 17th of each month.

The new law stating that those who do not payback PTPTN although earning salary, they will be barred from leaving the country. Besides, they have their rights to:

This is the official mail to make complain about PTPTN:

PTPTN Save My Life

I still have to be thankful for PTPTN giving me a chance to complete my study. Without it, I don’t think can find other reliable source of money to pay for my education. Thus, I have already accepted the interest rate and the responsibility of the repayment.

Play Smart When Make PTPTN Loan Repayment

My precious point of view, when you start working, please do not pay the PTPTN loan using you salary payment deduction. Do you know why? Because mostly salary was issued on 27-30th of the month, you will suffer more PTPTN administration charge since that was after 17th! So, just imagine how much you lose if you paid after 17th every month.

Slow Processing PTPTN Loan Repayment

Different department in PTPTN manage different things. Whatever they do there is not coordinated and organized. Dept A might have confirmed about some matter that need Dept B approval. But, in the end, Dept B doesn’t know anything about it. That’s why there are some cases where people already paid their loan but the payment was not submitted to their accounts & billing department.

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  1. I’ve been paying my loan at the end of the month (after receiving my pay). But thanks to you, I’m going to pay before the 17th to avoid the ridiculous admin fee 😀

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