How Much You Can Save Per Month?

For me, it is better to save in % instead of the amount that you saved. Actually I don’t force myself to prepare like 50% or 60% of my salary for savings, but I seldom buy stuffs so my savings is just after minus daily expenditure. But I tend to save more in order to get a decent house. Hope this year-end got big adjustment.


Reject All Those People With Poor Mindset

Although saving cannot fight over inflation, but it will have the power of compounding if you can find a good saving types or investment vehicles.

My Personal Tactics:

If you are frequent use of the credit card, then please keep in mind that always pays yourself first b4 paying others.

If you are impulsive buyer, you may need to recalculate and change your lifestyle a bit. Or, start saving with 30% then increase to 35% then 40% and then try to go for 50%

If you still cannot control yourself then better transfer the money into your account with no ATM and Online Banking Facility. So in order to get the money, have to go queue and withdraw.

Look at the totals yourself and decide where you can cut down. If possible, ask someone else who has some accounting background to look at your finances.

As conclusion, it’s crucial that you learn how to save money just in case of unforeseen incidents may happen in future.

9 thoughts on “How Much You Can Save Per Month?”

  1. weee~! saving is good… 🙂 if you don’t have alot… don’t save in percentage… maybe just save like RM10 a week first and then RM15 and etc…
    it works… better still put RM1 and all your coins into a piggy bank… EVERYDAY… you would realise you have like about RM50 a month. 🙂 1 year and you would have enough for a Redang trip 🙂

  2. saving is good for future emergency but sometimes have to take out money to do something that can achieve our needs and desire in order to satisfy ourself..

    if save too much money also useless bcos u may not know what will happen on the next day!!!

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