How To Check Malaysia Traffic Summons

Quite a great number of Malaysian still do not know how to check their traffics summons through SMS and Internet nowadays. For me, this is another good way for us to check our summon information since it is hassle free and save our travel cost.

Discount on Traffic Summons

Previously, I am actually quite surprised to know how to get a discount on a traffic summons. In the other words, if you commit a traffic offense, that offense will cost you less if you pay up sooner. However, you need to know that the traffics summons will have the base rate that you will pay.

Let say, if you did not tied up your seat belt then you be fined RM300 (non-car driver), RM200 (car driver). For motorcyclist, they will be fined RM200 if they did not tied up their helmet. For those traffic offenders, you can try to pay your summons as soon as possible since it may save you some money. There will have 2 types of discount on traffics summons schemes:

i) If you pay your traffic summons within the compound date, then you can enjoy auto appeal rate of 50%.
ii) If you pay their traffic summons after compound date but before the court date then they can enjoy auto appeal rate of 30%.

However, not all types of traffic summons you can get a discount. For those traffic offense that you cannot get an appeal are as following:

(i) Traffic light offence
(ii) Accident cases
(iii) Warrant of arrest

So, you can take this advantage to pay your summons earlier else you have no choice but to pay the summons amount in full after 1 month.

How To Check Your Traffic Summons?

You can try to check your traffic summons through SMS. It will cost you 15 cent to send and only 50 cent for each SMS reply.

If you want to check a summary of your summons, then you can type in:
(your car number with no space) or POLIS SAMAN (IC number with no space) and send it to 32728.

If you want to check a full details of all summons, then you can type in:
POLIS SAMAN (your car number with no space) SEMUA or POLIS SAMAN (IC number with no space) SEMUA and send it to 32728. The reply that you receive is based on how many
outstanding traffic summons you have incurred.

The reply is in Bahasa Melayu, if you get the key word TIADA means that you do not have any summons. If you do, it will display WHERE, WHEN and AMOUNT.

If you want to check it through Internet, you can try this website

Do You Think Good To Have Discount on Traffic Summons?

Personally feel that a discount only encourages negotiating and becomes a motivation for more corruption case. What do you think?

55 thoughts on “How To Check Malaysia Traffic Summons”

  1. do you know where can i find the list of traffic summon rate online? i’m quite agitated everytime police threaten me that whatever traffic offence that i’ve commit it seems all bears RM300 fine be it trivial or serious. i wanted to know whether r they bullshiting jus to induce kopi money out of us or its RM300 fine for real

  2. the always right solution is to take the saman and settle it the proper way … most on the roads offenses are indeed rm300, and most parking offenses are rm30 etc.

  3. got problum with your summon..?u want discount?..all kind of summon axcually double line & traffic light..i can soft your problum.

  4. Stop bribing the police and you’ll effectively reduce the number of times the police set up road blocks to cari makan.

    Enough is enough. No more feeding our corrupt cops….

  5. i just wanna know how much will it cost for roadtax expiry summons for motorcycle,
    and if i pay within the compound rate how much will it cost..i’m still a student, 🙁

  6. @tai: for MPPP summones, you can get discount also if you pay it earlier.

    @dodo: drunk and drive summones will be RM300(if not mistaken) but you cannot get discount anymore.

    @hank: Yes. Police diraja summones will be recorded into computer system and they will keep track and link to JPJ.

    @iZoc: Are you sure seat belt summon only RM40? Now, if motorist not tied up their helmet already RM200, discount can get RM100.

    @Tank: You no need password, you just need your IC number.

  7. I did get summons from police traffic, but summons teared in piece accidentally. However, i checked the details of summons from rilek website and found that there is no record regarding my summons. Please advise how do i ensure whether i got summons or not?

  8. argh~ ive commited an illegal entry, and get a saman from the jpj police, hw much would the saman cost? coz one of the police man i met not far away from the place i got saman told me that it was for rm300, and the police that summon me said, it was for rm150… @.@ confused~

  9. hello.i would like to know if i can get discount for speedtrap offense.
    i got 3 summons on speedtrap and i cannot renew my roadtax.and on top of that im a student,i cannot afford to pay the acftual amount like seriously.i really hope that i could get discount.Anyone have any idea ifii could get discount?

  10. i just got a police summon, for parking outside zouk on the curb, but it doesn’t say how muuh i have to pay, how do i figure this out?
    i have also checked the r gov website and found that i have no summons…

    but i know i have a lot of summons from speedtraps!

    i just want to know what affects my road tax renewal.

    thank youuu

  11. i just got an on-the-spot summon on speed trap, police said that photo has taken, if summon need to pay RM300….mau tulis ke? Tulis la, sudah salah apa boleh buat….
    The strange thing is I could not find record in!
    I settled the Summon in full @ JPJ, no discount granted even pay early, could request to see the photo but need to pay extra RM10.

  12. i got a police summon by the kereta peronda cops…(no lesen) ni insurans coverage)and(no helmet)…i checked on rilek website and my summon cost Rm800…its too expensive for me and can i get any discount on it???i am still a student

  13. i just got summon this morning, the police said i can pay at any traffic department… but where is the traffic department?? is surat rayuan useful in this case?? thanks

  14. how much is the summon for illegal parking? but just dont understand, it’s only for 5 mins, i have got the summon….haiz

  15. stupid system, I settled my bill years ago and it totally didn’t update at all. Plus, I kena one summons and my kesalahan was: Tidak beri laluan semasa membelok. I don’t understand at all, cos they are using shortform bahasa malaysia.

  16. Why my car (WPW5912) being issued two summons for speeding at the same time,same place and day. I went to Teluk Intan police station to verify and told nothing they can do and I have to refer to Hulu Selangor police station seem the summons was issued by them. Is this true even that PDRM services had goes E and online?

  17. hi, how long it takes to receive the reply if i sms 32728 to check summon record? is it instant? i check JPJ through MyEG and it says “tidak wujud”, does it mean i do not have any summon ticket>

  18. Thanks for the info on the 32728 number. I sent the one for summary and apparently we can also get the detailed summons on email. Send POLIS SAMAN [car no/nric] [email add] to 32728.

  19. I was so shocked when i went to pay for my road tax and driving license this afternoon. The counter person told me my name was blacklisted. So I check online at this website:

    I was so surprised when name was shown out at the JPJ Summon List but the summon year was in 2006. This year is already 2010 and how come my name still blacklisted and if commited to the offence i should have paying it already some more i renew my road tax in every year. Don’t you think it is very very funny? Huh…

    Please, I really need your prompt advise to help me to solve my problem. Am really confused..
    Hope to hear you soon. Thanks!

  20. I have been surfing online more than 3 hours today, yet I never found any interesting article like yours. It’s pretty worth enough for me. In my view, if all website owners and bloggers made good content as you did, the web will be a lot more useful than ever before.

  21. Hi, i wanted to know the traffic summon price list for year 2011. eg. overweight, speeding, black smoke etc, how much to pay to jpj.

  22. i get summon of motor parking…that is 1st time im parking there,i even dont know that place cannot parking cos a lot motor parking over there…but just 2 – 3 hours, there are come out 2 summon…i go balai traffit to pay but they already close counter to paid, then i only can register for that summon..but now received a summon information letter which is same day but early then that, its that means i get 3 summons on that time ==” i was paid 1 of the summon but unable to paid all,cos the other 2 showing RM250.00 & RM300.00, how come the wrong parking will expense then the speed drive……

  23. i received a summon dated on 02-04-2011, the amount is rm50, and the due date id rm01-06-2011. i paid summon on 18-05-2011 in police station , but the traffic officer told me that the amount is rm150. the officer also cant tell me why i pay the summon before the due date but the amount already increase to rm150.

  24. I also having a traffic obstruction compound dated on 15/03/2011…the amount is RM50, and the due date is 19/05/2011…but I check back after the due date, the amount speed up to RM250…just imagine traffic obstruction only already cost RM250…then how bout speeding??

  25. Im having the same problem as Jack….Suddenly traffic obstruction summon dated 23/3/11 spiked up from RM50 to RM250….quite depressed..but im not going to pay….waiting for the next election

  26. Hi,
    I received a summon from PDRM(Traffik) due to Rule 16(1) LN 166/59 meletak kereta menyebabkan halangan. Can I request for photo of the offence since I did not park at that location ? How come the offer to compound within first 15 days cost RM100-00 ? For such a minor offence they charged so high,they might as well like ‘robber’.Your reply appreciated. Thanks.

  27. Hi, morning.
    I check through by internet that i got a summon but i never receive any summon copy and can i request the photo and the summon copy? Thank you very much.

  28. I just purchased a spore car. So I want to check if there is any summons on tis car. Pls assist me on hw to go abt checking in d summon.

  29. If I do pay summons, do i still need to go court? and Will i get minus points because my offense was not following traffic lane?

  30. I jz got a saman yesterday from Polis Diraja Malaysia for parking in contravention of a traffic sign. Can I know how much I should pay if within 7days and got discount? Thanks

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