How To Enjoy 20% Toll Rebate at Penang Bridge?

I’m not sure how many of us do not know about this, our Malaysian government had come out a scheme where frequent users of the closed highways shall get 20% rebate off their toll transactions. This is to lessen the burden of the people.

toll rebate

So, it’s great opportunity for all Penangites as they are entitled to get 20% rebate on the Penang Bridge toll. In the other words, Penangites need only pay RM5.60 compared to RM7 for other users. And, it’s RM1.10 for riders from Penang compared to RM1.40 for other motorcyclists. However, you must use the Touch N’ Go card to be eligible for that. It’s still better than another scheme which requires you need to have minimum 80 transactions per month.

How To Get The Touch N’ Go Card?

To qualify for the rebate, the motorists need to go buy the Touch N Go card at the Penang Bridge toll office. You need to present your MyKad and smiling is optional but highly recommended…If you are not Penangites, you still can ask other Penangites or friends from Penang to buy for you. After obtaining the card, you can reload it at any place. Thus, this is great tips for those who commute daily to the Penang Island for work.

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