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How To Pay Income Tax Online Using PbeBank

There are several methods for you to pay your income tax, you can make your payment at Public Bank, Maybank, LHDN(Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri) counter, by cheque or bank draft, or online banking. I more prefer do things online since it is hassle free; therefore I made my income tax payment through Public E-banking.

If you are a resident of Malaysia, and you have source of income from Malaysia…Then you have to pay tax. If you are a resident of Malaysia, but your gain income from overseas, like Internet business income, dividend income from foreign stocks…are all exempted from Malaysia’s Income Tax.

Pay Income Tax Through Pbebank

Make sure that you have a Public Bank Internet Banking account. You can apply it at any Public Bank branch. Once you get it, you can login your account.








Public Bank only charge you RM0.50 for that transaction.

Paying income tax is very easy and convenient with online banking service. So, try to follow my steps and procedure on making payment to income tax department.

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4 Responses to “How To Pay Income Tax Online Using PbeBank”

  1. ChampDog Says:

    Ha, I’m using PBebank too. Pretty convenient but paying more tax and more tax every year… 🙁

  2. shazi Says:

    Reminder – Malaysia tax filing dateline 30 April 2009

    Did you know that the last date of our Malaysia tax filing is 30th April 2009? A penalty will be imposed if you are late.

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    Please visit to get your very own FREE Taxsaya today.

  3. Money4Invest Says:

    I used pbebank to pay tax too but I remembered that I clicked the E-payment option from the eTax form itself as soon as I submitted my eTax form without accessing my pbebank homepage. Then the system will automatically triggered pbebank login page and I just needed to request PAC and paid. Anyone done the same thing?

  4. Jys Says:

    i remember last year i pay using maybank2u, they nv charge me 50 cents, but this public bank charged 50 cents lar..

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