How to Withdraw AdSense Earning Using CIMB Bank Western Union?

Google has been introducing Western Union Quick Cash payments for Malaysian Google Ads publishers since September 2007. This is great news for us as we no need to rely too much on check payment which mostly will take longer time to process. This mean you no need to wait for 10 days for Adsense check arrives and another 30 days for the Adsense check to clear in the local Malaysia bank.

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How to Withdraw Adsense Earning via CIMB Bank Western Union?

On each end of the month, you will be given MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number) from Western Union. It is a 10 digit number that you need to write down this MTCN in the form. You can get this by logging in your Google Adsense account.

Besides, you also need to write down the amount of money to withdraw and sender address (mostly I will just write Google Inc) in the “To receive money” form (yellow color). The form can be obtained from the customer service counter. You can try to take as many as you can so that next time you can write down everything at home.

Google Address:
Google Inc.
1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
Mountain View, CA 94043

Make sure that you need to bring along your identity card to CIMB when withdrawing; this is to recognize you as the account holder. They will photocopy it for their own reference. Sometimes, they may need your thumbprint as well.

Now, Adsense is my main source of online income, it’s very easy to apply and make money from it. Although the amount that I earn not that much and it’s only 3-figure US dollar amount. But, I can do a lot of future plan with such amount of money. I will blog about this in the coming post.

I would like to share with you my latest 2 months (April & May) Adsense earning here and it’s not fix income for every month. Sometimes you can earn more but sometimes less. Sometimes the USD exchange rate will go weaker against MYR, so you won’t earn much!!! You can try to see my comparison between months of April & May earnings…In April, USD drop and finally I withdraw it at the rate of 3.14 while in May, USD bounces back and I got it at the rate of 3.32.



So, are you interested to earn extra income or not? I am planning to give a short course on how to make money from Google Adsense. Let your passion help you to set your goals and make our future brighter!!!

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