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How to Withdraw Paypal Fund?


As everybody known, you can easy withdraw your Paypal fund to debit card, or prepaid cards. The process only involves 3 steps.
i. Log into paypal
ii. Specify the amount to withdraw and the card to credit.
iii. Receive funds on your card

It’s good news especially for Malaysian PayPal members who can only send or receive PayPal funds previously but not have an idea on how to withdraw funds.

Besides Malaysia country, it’s also available now in some other countries like Argentina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Chile, Iceland, Indonesia, India, Israel, Italy, Philippines, Romania, Turkey, Uruguay and so on.

Alternative Usage Of Your PayPal Fund
1. Online Shopping
Sometimes when go shopping you may always think on how to limits your shopping budget. But if using Paypal funds you might always like to spend since it is unable to withdraw those funds.

2. Investment
In real life, you buy real estate like land and houses. On the Internet, you buy websites and domain names or what we called Internet Real Estate. Domaining is the hottest, booming industry currently and in future. It’s the business of buying a domain name and then sells it higher to someone else in future.

I cannot deny myself that I also invest lots on several good domain names. Almost every domain name registrar like DomainSite, NameCheap and GoDaddy accepts PayPal.

PayPal does NOT required US Bank Account
Previously got some issue of Malaysians cannot accept their Paypal payment and must have US Bank Account. After 2 weeks later, Paypal itself announce that it was a bug that was caused by system maintenance. In between that period, some took the risk to insert a fake US bank account, which worked at first but their PayPal account got limited access later.

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13 Responses to “How to Withdraw Paypal Fund?”

  1. yi shin Says:

    wow..good and clear

  2. ciling Says:

    good knowledge for me..Paypal vs egold..which1 better?

  3. ninja Says:

    it’s bad news but anyway its good to remind me also

  4. iCalvyn Says:

    damm, suddenly PB card was rejected by PP, then i need to find another new card

  5. vN Says:

    erm… isn’t accept every debit card from every bank in msia??

  6. alfred85 Says:

    i haven own a paypal acct yet, but heard a lot of it. ur information sure hep me in the future.:)

  7. David Lee Says:

    hi vN..sorry for late reply..quite bz recently..i think not all Malaysia’s bank debit card will be accepted by Pappal..

    i heard some ppl use BSN debit card b4 but not approved..

    now PB visa electron still the widely used..

  8. Steve Yu Says:

    I withdraw paypal fund to my PB debit card, and it was successfully transferred. But, the amount was little only. hehe

  9. Rosmawati Kamarudin Says:

    how abt MBB debit card?

  10. lynnx01 Says:

    Yes, I also hear that only Public Bank’s Visa electron card can be used to withdraw Paypal $$.

  11. NaijaEcash Says:

    I only wish that PayPal will reconsider their stance on Nigerian users and lift the embargo placed on the entire country 🙁

  12. Says:

    Thanks for the info. Now i can buy all the stuff I want which is cheaper overseas compare here. I got a big list of items I want… rolex,omega, rockford, oakley, imac, ipod, iphone. & some performance stuff for my classic mini… yeah..

  13. Elddaj Says:

    Al Rahji is works! I have tried withdrawal from paypal. You can see details at

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