Is Alexa Ranking Accurate?

Alexa, which is owned by Amazon, used to analyze traffics and track our site statistics.

Do you all know how it is calculated?

If not mistaken, the Alexa is calculated based on sample of website users who have downloaded the Alexa Toolbar.

On a recent day, I found that my Alexa Ranking is 360,000++(Increased from 4mil 3 months ago). The implications are very straightforward, if you are a heavy user on Alexa Toolbar, perform own browsing on your site and having those users visit your site then it will affect your Alexa’s ranking significantly.

My Alexa

My Alexa

From my personal analysis, most of the Alexa users are webmasters and online marketers.

Generate NOT FAIR result

The Alexa Toolbar works only with the Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox browser. Other browsers will be undercounted. For instance, the AOL/Netscape browser is not supported, thus Alexa collects little traffic from AOL users.

The Alexa Toolbar works only on Windows OS. The traffic to any sites, which is other OS, will be undercounted.

Just my 0.02, if you need accurate ranking results; keep the Alexa browser off your own computer. Focus on Google Analytics, dont do comparison with other’s people ranking anymore!

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3 thoughts on “Is Alexa Ranking Accurate?”

  1. Oh well, sometimes these analytics tools have their own way of calculating and would definitely have biasness. So I guess no web tool is essentially perfect but it all depends on what the user/company wants to study and how much they value the results of each tool. I think Alexa is great but might need some tweaking to make it better.

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