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Latest Malaysian Unit Trust – Amanah Saham 1Malaysia


Our Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak gave Malaysians a surprise after being the Prime Minister for 100 days. He announced that government agreed to launch another new fixed price unit trust fund Amanah Saham 1Malaysia sooner.

This 1Malaysia unit trust fund size is RM 10 billion and open to all Malaysian aged >= 18 years old. This time, the amount allocated should be generous enough, right? Thus, try to grab this opportunity…


I have a great interest on Amanah Saham 1Malaysia and hopefully that the returns are as good as Amanah Saham Malaysia and Amanah Saham Wawasan 2020. I think it would be better if Amanah Saham 1Malaysia can be strictly controlled to ensure that the shares only reserved for medium and low-income earners. This is to encourage poorer community take more benefit of it.

Any Allocation of Amanah Saham 1Malaysia for the Racial Quota ?

Since the fund itself is called 1Malaysia, so there shouldn’t be any racial quota? How do you think? I am the one who is strongly support for a united Malaysia, so hopefully that the government should not give any racial quota on it.

Why it is Great Time to Invest in 1Malaysia Unit Trust?

Most of the Malaysians looking forward to unit trust as a means to help them in their financial portfolios, especially when the interest rate of fixed deposits are fast zooming south.

The Limitation of Amanah Saham Malaysia

It does depend on your luck. You may not have chance to invest even you had a long queues at the participating financial institutions due to the all units sold out in few hours. So, can anyone blame the frustration from the unsuccessful application?

Personally think that the government should come out with a better system for Amanah Saham Malaysia issues in future.

What We Can Do Now?

Get Ready With Your Money and Waiting For Good News !!!

More information will be announced soon or wait for the official announcement from Permodalan National Berhad for details as they are planning to launch new products in timely manner in order to encourage Malaysians to invest.

58 Responses to “Latest Malaysian Unit Trust – Amanah Saham 1Malaysia”

  1. Mei Teng Says:

    I think there will be long queues for this one.

  2. SP Blogger Says:

    With this announcement… It’s time to enter the stock market yourself. Government is using our money to invest. And only give back little while they earn a lot. So better do our own investment. 🙂

  3. foongpc Says:

    I find the earnings form ASW2020 and ASM getting worse each year. It was really good in the beginning but not anymore. However, still better than putting your money in the bank : )

  4. lim Says:

    Anybody know roughly which month it will be launch out?
    is it capital guarantee as well as asw & asm ?Any maturity period ?

  5. david Says:

    already anounced , within the month of july ..maybe next week

  6. rainee Says:

    it will be a long quece oso. really dunno is there any easier way to get it success? i heard that rural area will b easier. good luck for all of us.

  7. Steven Says:

    Do u know when is d As1m launching?

  8. Joyce Says:

    5 Aug 09

  9. ys Says:

    who so free to queues? no need to work n rest ah

  10. david Says:

    So everybody get yr money ready and standby on 5 aug. max up to 50k

  11. Joyce Says:

    but capital/princple
    is not guaratee.

  12. rainee Says:

    really? but, asw & asm was capital guarantee wo.

  13. Joyce Says:

    really!!I was ask the bank alrealdy..

  14. Awake Says:

    Check the annual report on OMG last year the holding of ALL the funds are about negative 22% plus some of them even -32% and all of them still declared 5%+ dividend. In any other countries we call it “Ponzi Scheme”. When you pay out the dividend by using money not from profit how long can you last – in my calculation maximum about 12 years.

  15. cadmus Says:

    From the prospectus, it mention that “The price of AS 1Malaysia unit is fixed at RM1.00. However, AS
    1Malaysia is not a capital guaranteed fund as defined under the
    Guidelines.”(page 6 at ).

    ASM is confirm capital guaranteed? I’m new to all this funds.

  16. hansik Says:

    Thank you so much for reminding that the AS1M is not a capital guaranteed fund, cadmus.

    Does it mean possible we may not get back our money?

  17. swkoh Says:

    I am ready to purchase.I had enquired this from Maybank this afternoon.The anwser was,they have not gotten instruction yet.Today is 3rd August, day after tomorrow is the launching day.So PNB are you ready?What are the banks as agents.You Don’t expect me to carry cash of 50k walking around town on that morning.Don’T you?

  18. cadmus Says:

    Hansik,from my understanding of that statement, it’s just like other non-capital-guaranteed mutual funds.

    I belief you can still get back your money if they don’t screw up. Probably that statement means “if i screw up, i won’t pay for my screw up”.

  19. david Says:

    Check the annual report on OMG last year the holding of ALL the funds are about negative 22% plus some of them even -32% and all of them still declared 5%+ dividend. In any other countries we call it “Ponzi Scheme”. When you pay out the dividend by using money not from profit how long can you last – in my calculation maximum about 12 years.

    if they cannot declare at least 5%to share holders you think still got people want to invest..and everyone will withdraw the money at the end cannot see this ASNB anymore..who knows end up like AIG .

  20. david Says:

    it’s very risky if there is no capital quaranteed by government like the rest ..this time the target is more aim to chinese just beware of the trick .

  21. Joyce Says:

    bank also charges 1% fees for selling the unit and 1.5% management fees..

  22. Carol Says:

    for the non bumis, please don’t invest in this fund. it is clearly no different from the other unit trusts out there now if you look carefully, except that the fund managers come from PNB (controlled largely by the bumis). and yes, i agree with David, they are targeting the chinese this time

  23. yap mei keng Says:

    I found out this morning that AS1M not capital guaranteed. I think Press and PNB very irresponsible by giving public the impression that AS1M is similar to AS Wawasan and AS Malaysia. The omission to inform public that this AS1M is not capital guaranteed is a major misrepresentation.

  24. Sylvia Wee Says:

    I’m Bumiputra Sabah. Have ASB. Return quite good but not as good as previous years lor. But for Non-bumiputera, I think you all should look into ASN3 as I am not sure if y’all know that non-bumi can apply for that one. It’s like buying Unit Trust from Public Mutual, prices also based on NAV/NAB, but I think it’s worth it.

  25. Sylvia Wee Says:

    Here’s the Amanah Saham Nasional 3

  26. max Says:

    what is the advantages of as1m ah??

  27. Amy Says:

    my family ask me to widthdwaw, i just purchase this morning, so how. fell blu

  28. Madoffson Says:

    My view is that this is a legal Ponzi scheme, targeting chinese investors to help ASN investments.

    ASN, mostly bumis, shares had been screwed up by the market downfall and cant pay much of dividen, so it was a brilliant idea to transfer the old shares to 1Malaysia fund at higher price thru market.

    When 1Malaysia fund had been fully utilised and foreign fund still not coming to our market, 2Malaysian fund at another RM20 billion will be open to public to support the earlier funds.

    A brilliant Ponzi scheme, for further info ask Madoff.

  29. s2y Says:

    Refer to Yap Mei Keng,
    “I think Press and PNB very irresponsible by giving public the impression that AS1M is similar to AS Wawasan and AS Malaysia.”

    Ya, 100% agree. Especially for the 1st time investor, they will thought the AS1M is also the capital guaranteed fund as ASM & ASWawasan.

  30. david Says:

    Amy, since you already bought it.just see what is the interest in next year. unless you need money for something urgent . me too ,just bought it on 05Aug.

  31. s2y Says:

    Amy, David,
    I also bought it on 05Aug. Quite regret now, and think about the redemption.
    Checked od, 30 days from the date of launching of the Fund, no redemption is allowed during this period. If wanna redeem back the invested money need to wait after the launching period loh.

  32. david Says:

    s2y , how much you bought ?
    i bought 50k ,regret now too .you check with which branch say that must wait 30 days after launch then can redeem..then any charges ? 1% ?

  33. s2y Says:

    david, i bought not much as u, 20k. actually i did not check with the branch, i only checked the prospectus. U may check thru this website : –
    it mentioned that there is no any redemption charge, but i don’t know whether they will charge for any management fee or not…

  34. chin Says:

    david n s2y, actually it’s not work it to invest coz d int r very low. i don know this AS1M got cooling period o not? it means for the first time investor could ask for a fully refund within 6 business day.

  35. s2y Says:

    chin, the cooling off period is Nil as shown in the prospectus.
    next time must read the prospectus properly b4 invest….

  36. lai Says:

    i’m a financial planner. i got a 12yrs saving plan. u save for only 12yrs and u withdraw money annually for the rest of ur life. email me at to find out more fr me. this plan oni available till end of this moth (aug 2009)

  37. smart Says:

    To Lai, anything is possible but pls tell me the effective rate of return.

  38. lai Says:

    Reply to smart(David Lee),

    Thx for ur reply.
    I’ve just send u a brief illustration on my 12yrs saving plan to ur mail(
    I hope u received it or u can email or call me personally @

  39. Pam Says:

    Hi David,

    I need to know more about your 12 years saving plan. please send more information.

  40. lai Says:


    I’m the want who proposed this 12yrs plan to u all.

    Whoever that are intereted to know more about this plan, plz email me personally (

    i will send the info to ur personal email about this saving plan.


  41. lim Says:

    To Lai,
    I m interested in 12 yrs plan. pls send me the info.

  42. lai Says:

    To Lim & Others
    Please send me or let me know ur personal… email @ddress….

    Mail me at
    I will send u my info to ur personal email ONLY!!!

    Bear in mind once again that this saving plan is only available till end of 28th Aug 2009..
    I’m serious n not joking
    Reply to my personal email ASAP

  43. lai Says:

    Greetings All,
    For those who are interested in my 12 yrs saving plan, I’ve already sent out the relevant informations for your reference.

    Once again a reminder for you all that this account is only available until the 28th August 2009.

    Reply me asap if u are really interested.


  44. QMS Says:

    1) If the bank charges 1% and the management funds is 1.5% then the total will comes up to 2.5%.

    2) Since this AS1M didnt guarantee any fix interest percentage …. it only give an indications of 5% to 6% interest … so lets we take the good side of it:- the 6 %. 6% minus 2.5% then the actual interest is only 3.5 %. By today interest rate at most of the Bank is around 3%. So it dont makes any different. To me personally, bank is a better place to “invest” because we are very flexible to put in terms of durations… meaning either we can put 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or anually type of fix deposit durations. Why let be “fixed” by the fix deposit by AS1M ?

    3) As i agreed with fongpc, Awake and david. It’s more like a ponzi scheme …. using the present depositor monies to payback those previous mature depositors.

  45. lim Says:

    really got 2.5 charges in AS1M? I really regre to bought it.
    Did gov. clearly mentioned it early the time this fund is launch ? Why no big reaction fr the public ?
    Is now the fund finish bought by public ?

  46. Carol Says:

    One observation I have on the AS1M is the difficulty to obtain the prospectus for it. And strangely, I find that the non-bumis in general went queuing up in long lines from the early hours to buy the fund. When I ask all these potential investors, have you read the prospectus, almost 100% said they have not. I am wondering why people these days are so careless. Do you shove your hard earned money without finding out first more about it? Go read the prospectus. Do your homework and from there you have your answers if the fund is capital guaranteed, or have management fee, etc etc. Don’t act out of greed alone.

  47. Kevin Says:

    Hmm, the Chinese allocation always sells out very fast. But if what you guys say are true, i don’t get why so many ppl simply rush to buy it? I think its a different investment tool to that offered to the bumis.

    Infact I believe I can offer a better alternative if anyone is interested in a low risk investment that yields about 15%p.a. (thats about doubling your money in 5 years) Feel free to drop me a mail at ( if you wish to find out more.

  48. AW Says:

    Hi ladies & gentlemen
    i am undecided now after reading yr comments; whether to buy or not. after learnt that grabs for the last ASM whatnot, i kiasu thought buying some ASM & hv applied leave this Thurs/ Fri.
    never invested in shares. shd i buy a reduced amount from my original plan or not to buy now?

  49. Samantha Carter Says:

    Nice post, intresting read. Keep posting and I’ll come back for some more reading! Thanks!

  50. michael Lim Says:

    In my an opinion As 1 Malaysia is quite better investment because the capital is guarantee unchange and the interest will be given 4% or more very year.

  51. Sayur Yosida Says:

    AS1M for the Chinese sold out aldeady. You want also dont have. Sorry !

  52. SHIRLEY Says:

    Wow! Well done at 6.38% dividen.

  53. s2y Says:

    haha!!! finally we c the result…

  54. kenny goh91 Says:

    wtf….who can teach me how to count for AS1MALAYSIA???
    they announce that the dividen is 6.38%.but the interest i get is just about 5%.i wonder whether my math is too bad or the accountant of malaysia is so useless….

  55. lee Says:

    how much you buy and how much interest do you get

  56. k Says:

    I think the best investment for me is public mutual bcoz dividend is more than ASB which is 10%,if you ant to know the details,just contact me,(

  57. jiboy Says:

    hi can anybody give suggestion its better i invest in public mutual or as1m??? and y?

  58. k Says:

    i suggest that you invest in public because it is good and more dividend than as 1m,this is my opinion,if you want to know detail about it,you can click this link and compare between two this unit trust…public mutual

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