McDonald’s Ramadhan Promotion: McValue Buka Puasa

McValue Buka Puasa

McDonald’s is now extending their McDonald’s McValue Lunch promotion to dinner. This is in conjunction of the month of Ramadan. So, it is called the McValue Buka Puasa! So wonderful name…haha…The McValue Buka Puasa is available every day from 6pm to 9pm. This promotion is valid till 19th of September.

Enjoy McValue Lunch Promotion From RM5.95 Only !!!

McValue Lunch

Through this promotion, you can choose from the 10 McValue Meal choices from only RM5.95. So, it’s a great chance for you to enjoy more savings!

McDonald’s 10 choices of McValue Lunch:

McChicken RM 5.95 (usual price: RM9.25)
Chicken McNuggets (6 pcs) – RM 5.95 (usual price: RM9.35)
Filet-O-FishRM 5.95 (usual price: RM8.95)
Big Mac RM 7.95 (usual price: RM10.10)
Spicy Chicken McDeluxeRM 7.95 (usual price: RM10.45)
Big N Tasty RM 8.95 (usual price: RM10.90)
Ayam Goreng McD (spicy 2pcs) – RM 8.95 (usual price: RM10.10)
Ayam Goreng McD (regular 2pcs) – RM 8.95 (usual price: RM10.10)
Double Cheeseburger RM 7.95 (usual price: RM9.45)
Quarter Pounder with Cheese – RM 8.95 (usual price: RM10.10)

Besides, the McValue Lunch comes with French Fries and Carbonated Soft Drink from RM5.95.

How To Get Free 20 pcs McNugget Coupon ?

If you spend over RM39 then you can enjoy a FREE 20 pcs McNugget Coupon from McDelivery.

Another good news is McValue Lunch and McValue Buka Puasa are available on public holidays.

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