My First Advertlets Payout


Advertlets is founded by Josh Lim & Associates.

As everybody known, making money with Advertlets is no longer a secret. Nowadays, there are many new and existing bloggers quite actively discussing about this local advertising program in our Malaysia’s popular forum – Even though there is a lot of complaints about Advertlets but at least, it does pay me the money in the end. See the proof below:


But, do you know how long can I get the payment? See the date I cashed out the advertising earning below:


It’s almost 4 month…So it’s consider slow payment processing!!!

My Personal Suggestions:

I do hope that Advertlets can do few things to improve their service:

i) Payment Time Accuracy – The payment processing period should not be taken so long and it must follow the payment duration as indicated which is 30-45 days. This is to ensure that the publishers will know when they can receive the money.

ii) Quick Response – If compared to competitor Nuffnang, Advertlets’s replying email is a bit slow. I did submit few tickets regarding the earning payout few months ago but only receive the response after 3 months period and be informed that the payment is ready.

iii) Promotion & Event – Advertlets can try to put more focus on new bloggers and attract them to join the network, this is to ensure that their brand name will get more famous easily. Or they can try to organize some event either offline or online to increase more social community member.

9 thoughts on “My First Advertlets Payout”

  1. i got mine after 6 months… but ar.. i have to complaint, and complaint and complaint only they pay me..

    and one thing i dun like is that they come up with all excuses.. like we already mailed the cheque..maybe it got lost.. (ya rite, lost so many times meh?) and etc etc..

    so ar.. no more advertlets lar…too much trouble !!

  2. Hi David, thanks for clarifying.

    For the benefit of readers, we would like to note that payment was succesfully made on 30th October 2009, however this blog post is dated 19th November 2009.

    Note that payment terms are 30-45 days from the end of the month of cashout, not 30-45 days from the date of cashout.

    Hence, the July payment was due on 15th September, and was resolved by 30th October. The delay was 1 and a half months, not 3-4 months as stated.

    Bloggers, please note that you can always contact us if your cashout is delayed, and we will expedite your payment within 2 weeks.

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