My Investment Challenge Experience

OSK Investment Challenge provided me the opportunity to invest in stock market with a virtual capital of RM100,000. During the investment period, I have learned how to invest, polish my trading skills and reap the returns within short period of time. Indeed, I have truly enjoyed this investment challenge which has contributed to my investment success.

Certificate of Participation

OSKIC certification

The Investment Challenge started from 4th – 28th October, which is about 18 trading days. Most importantly, I can make use of it to test my stock trading mechanism, tactics to analyze a stock potential, market forecast techniques and financial management skills. As a result, I have proven some positive return for almost 90% of the stock that purchased by just applying defensive trading technique.


As you can see, my stock portfolio value has shown RM104,662 which was increased from the capital value of RM100,000. Thus, on average I have achieved about 4-5% gains of stock performance.

Next, I will plan to provide some guidance to the investors in achieving the aim of building fantastic stock portfolios. In relation to that, they will just need to follow my signal to trade. Therefore, they will not always perceive the value of investment as a form of gambling and suffer huge amount of loses in the end.

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