Own More Than 10 Credit Cards ?


Is it good to have more than 10 credit cards for one person? Would it be tough to get housing loan or car loan since so many commitment involved?

There are some cases where people use their multiple credit cards to fund the business and in the end they go bankrupt, spending half of their life paying debt or run away from the debt to another country. In contrary, I feel very proud myself among credit card holders because I never owe bank even a single cent.

To get a widely accepted card and globally recognized, then you may try apply HSBC, CITIBANK, UOB since this is the top 3 overseas bank in Malaysia.

Let me share with you what are the benefits and drawbacks of using multiple credit cards:

1. Good to have few hundred thousands of unsecured credit facility.
2. You don’t have to declare a high income to have high credit limit.

1. You won’t be able to maximize your reward points.
2. You need to go to so many banks to pay your bills each month.
3. Very hard to manage your finance, once your income gets higher and expenditure also higher, the temptation of swiping will definitely be there.

In a nutshell, it’s nothing to own more than 10 credit cards as long as you can control your spending yourself and have strong financial education. It’s ok to Own but not Owe!

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  1. Just recently, I have a younger cousin brother get in to real financial crisis by owing just 8 credit cards…can’t imagine if he owns more than 10. Personally, I don’t really see the point of having 10 credit cards. In any circumstances, credit cards interest is simply too high to used for biz purposes (eat up all the profit margins), and if it is only meant for spending purposes..why need 10 cards then? But then again, I suppose with proper manage, like wat ICalvyn does, should not post any issue.

  2. That’s great, owe more money. Apply 10 Credit cards, swap all full limit for gold in poh kong then wear all the gold. example 10 cards = 100k = gold

  3. EPP Credit Cards Settlement Solution


    Plan One (1):







    再让您有选择性地分成 12/18/20/24/36 个月分期还回原有的银行。



    Q1: Does your friends hardly clear the overburden credit cards debt?

    Q2: Does your friends paying interest rate of 18% p.a. for the credit cards outstanding balances years after years?

    Q3: Does your friends do not have ready cash and not able to settle these debt in near future?

    Q4: Does your friends want to settle their debt with longer period of time with lowest interest charges?

    We are able to help you to reduce the yearly interest rate from 18% to 6%.

    We provide you monthly installment plans of 12/18/20/24/36 months to pay back card issuer bank.

    (without handling charges, 100% approved for active card)

    Plan Two (2):


    利息 6%/1年


    Fast cash advance approval for personal used!!

    Interest 6% per year

    We are able to process 1 to 3 years plan.

    Plan Three (3):





    We can help you to apply the credit card from the 10 most largest banks in Malaysia.

    We just need the photocopy of your IC and credit card which has been used more than a year.


    1. 每月只付最低限度银额也就是RM50都不会被停卡也不会被银行催账。

    2. 如果你财务状况不好,连续3年都只还最低限度银额,既是RM50×36的话。还可以再做分期付款,包你再没有压力的情况下轻松还账。

    3. 没有其他的费用,不需要任何文件,不用担保人,就像用卡分期付款买电器一样简单。

    4. 相比于银行,利息低至每年6%。

    5. 每年省利息10%以上。

    6. 用2年至3年还清债务。

    7. 固定每月银额还回银行。

    8. 100%批准(只给未停卡用户)。

    9. 谢绝黑名单者。

    10. 在银行可维持良好的纪录。

    11. 以后将容易获得个人或房屋贷款。

    12. 可换取信用卡积分。


    1. Even if you only pay minimum payment which is RM50, bank officer won’t call you or block your credit card.

    2. If your financial situation not well, the followings months you just can pay the minimum payment which is RM50×36, you still able to restructure your credit card and make sure you can pay the money with no pressure.

    3. No hidden charges, do not need any documents, no guarantor, no processing fees, just as easy as buying an electric appliance.

    4. Lower interest rate of 6% p.a. (compared to normal rate of 18% p.a.)

    5. Total interest savings of 10% p.a. and above.

    6. Debt is able to settle within 2 to 3 years.

    7. Fixed monthly installment to repay back to the card issuer bank.

    8. 100% approval (for active cards)

    9. Avoid being blacklisted under CCRIS and CTOS.

    10. Having a good payment history in bank record.

    11. Easy to get personal loan or home loan in the future.

    12. Earn credit card points as well.

    别再犹豫!!想处理卡帐的朋友都欢迎SMS/EMAIL我, 或在此留言。



    Do not hesitate to contact me for restructuring your credit card outstanding balances, this program will help you to save more interest and easy your burden.

    Take action today, else bank will charge your daily interest accordingly.

    * Bank interest rate on credit card debt will be charge according daily basis within 19 days.

    * Now the money repay period to bank is 19 days, not 1 month!

    Website: mattcleare.blogsome.com

    Company: Clear E Malaysia

    State: Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Penang

    Name: matthew

    Email: mattcleare@gmail.com

    Contact Me: 016-2309737




    Any one who likes to be an agent please email me. This is a business that do not need capital. Nowadays, help people saving money is more easier than earning money from them.

    Agent could get commission instantly from each of the cards credit card settlement.

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