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Pos Laju Malaysia Rate

Many people know how to use Pos Laju Malaysia as the postage but do they know the rate? Unfortunately, there are still many people do not know the Pos Laju rate, thus I will provide this kind of information to ensure that all people can get benefits of it. Pos Laju provides more systematic way in postage handling as they provide tracking number which able to trace during shipment.

All shipping rates are calculated according to weight as well as by the volume. Normally, it will take within 1-3 days within Malaysia and 5-9 days out of Malaysia. However, there is still other courier express service, which provides faster delivery. All the delivery period is calculated from the day your items been shipped, and it is not includes Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays.

Basically there will have 2 common tariffs for Poslaju: Poslaju Tariff For Document and Poslaju Tariff For Parcel.

Poslaju Rates For Within Peninsular Malaysia / Sabah / Sarawak

Poslaju Tariff For Document (weight <= 2kg)


For the 1st 500gm, they will charge RM4.50, for the next each 250gm, they will charge RM1.00.

Poslaju Tariff For Parcel (weight > 2kg, up to 30kg only)


For the 1st 2500gm, they will charge RM16.00, for the next each 500gm, they will charge RM2.00.

Poslaju Rates From Malaysia To United States Of America


Poslaju Tariff For Document (weight <= 1kg)

For the 1st 500gm, they will charge RM65.00, for the next each 500gm, they will charge RM20.00.

Poslaju Tariff For Parcel (weight > 1kg, up to 999kg only)

For the 1st 500gm, they will charge RM100.00, for the next each 500gm, they will charge RM20.00.

12 Responses to “Pos Laju Malaysia Rate”

  1. TyracShop Says:


    There’s 25% additional charges to the above rate:

    # The above amount is not inclusive of 10% fuel surcharge, 10% handling charges and 5% GST

    # No 5% GST for item posted from Langkawi and Labuan

  2. Ahmad Abdul Says:

    Actually, PosLaju’s service is a lot faster than “within 1-3 days within Malaysia and 5-9 days out of Malaysia.” They can send your PosLaju item to a domestic address by next working day. Ie, if you send today, PosLaju will deliver to your recipient tomorrow (excluding Sunday, first Saturday of the month and public holidays).

    PosLaju works on all Saturdays except first Saturday of the month.

    That next working day delivery covers all major towns, and most small towns too. But rural kampung areas require 2-3 working days. You should check with them whether the destination postcode is next working day or not.

    And based on my experience, PosLaju is actually faster than any local courier company.


  3. irwan Says:

    WTF,they charged me some more for what so called “value added”, dont understand what is value added for.

  4. kemoning Says:

    what is the different between document and parcel?
    i want to send a perfume (around 200g, i think) to my friend to perlis using poslaju, should i use document or parcel? parcel’s rate starting is RM16!?!? WTF!!!

    i’m staying at klang, send to perlis, so the rate is going to be higher or not?

  5. Irwan Says:

    It shouldnt be that expensive,usually they charged me around RM6++ for that weight.

  6. sha Says:

    how much if i wanna post a frame..?? about an A4 size..i don’t know how to estimate the cost..

  7. Irwan Says:

    Normally less than RM10..go to Pos to find out more accurate. Theres some more..fuel surcharge,gst and service charge should be add to that..refer to Pos malaysia lah …apa nak susah..

  8. joe Says:

    hi, if im sending a laptop from malaysia to new zealand, is it compulsory to buy insurance ?? coz insurance is worth nearly RM1500!!

  9. low Says:

    so for Poslaju Tariff For Document, lkg=RM 8.125 include 25% charges?? the post office got sale the box for us and how much perpiece???

  10. justinasecond Says:

    what if my parcel is below 2kg? is it a document or parcel?

  11. Bruce Kwong Says:

    Hi, if im sending a textbook from penang to sarawak, how to calculate the fee ? i think its around 1kg.

  12. kenny Says:

    how much to send a 20kg parcel to Shanghai, China?

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