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Great Eastern is Singapore’s leading life insurance group and most of the Asian prefer it rather than Prudential. I get most of the Insurance information from my Prudential agent who is also my good friend and also the Great Eastern agent previously…So, I can know the clearer picture between both.

I got one crazy friend spend almost 70% of his income on buying insurance to protect himself. For me, no need do like that. What’s the point of living a long life if you cannot enjoy the joys of living?

If one do not know how to give up smoking, no exercise and insufficient sleep, heavy drinks, and always take fatty food also useless. Am I right?

Which Has Best Insurance Policy?

I personally think that good agent is the best policy. Great Eastern has a lousy claim service and extremely stupid underwriters? I am not sure about that…

Will Commit Suicide Covered In Insurance?

Cover will vary from policy to policy. It mostly contains a suicide provision. If the holder commits suicide, within one year from the date of commencement of the policy, the policy shall be void and the premiums paid will be refunded.

I will share the cash value comparison between Great Eastern and Prudential in the coming articles. Stay tuned !!!

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  1. I agree on the phrase “good agent is the best policy”. I myself am an ING permanent agent. Why I choose to be permanent? That’s because to ensure I serve my clients well. Insurance agent is not just about talking and selling. It’s a professional job as well. We have to study to be more knowledgeable and most important thing is we have to be ethical. What do you think?

  2. i think the best is prudential..because after sales service very tiptop..100%good .prudential very good one…

    my friend tell the standing lion claim very…the gila…

    my agen @ Khalifah Group damansara intan ( proud to all prudential staff u are no one )

  3. Haha i like this “good agent is the best policy”. i couldn’t agree more. hmm… i’m insured under great eastern. i personally has a good agent tat is serving me well. made a claim once on my family member, it was pretty fast, got it within 7 working days. and the reason for underwriting is to ensure a fast claim in time to come(i suppose tat is wad it means.. not so sure). so ya.. i think it all depends on ones agent ba.. if anyone wans to know my agent, i can intro. haha… i’m so gonna collect commission from my agent for advertising for him. haha

  4. You r rite.

    “Good Agent” = “Good Policy”

    I’m Prudential Agent.

    All insurance product is GOOD, jus depand wat the agent sell and should sell with HEART = wat customer need.

    If u all need my asst can contact me, Alan 0124116602

  5. Alan, im not truly agree with you. Not all insurance is good and same.

    I dont like the statement ” All insurance just the same and good, the important is the agent” . This is the word i get from the agent which doesn’t know about his product. *based from my experience before I be an agent now.

    Agent is important, but the most important you have a good product.

  6. Y u r rite but we sell product to our customer must depand customer NEEDED and we also must sell with “HEART” .
    All product from insurance also got its own GOOD THING. But Agent knowledge also must 100% so that understand all the rule and benefit.

  7. i do like the sentence, good agent is the best policy.
    some agent’s service is really bad,just touch and go..i have personally experienced it before,its hard for me to reach them after they have actually close my case. :/

    in that case,now tat i am an insurance agent for PRUDENTIAL.
    i do really thinks its important to really understand and compare the policies that you would like to buy before hand,as it is a life long “stuff” that will be attached to buy with no regrets and to have a good and professional agent to service you upon needed is really important.

    so both are equally important.
    017-2929921 is my number.
    call me if u do need to get any insurance policy,and i will be glad to help you out

  8. HI all ,

    All Insurance GOOD GOOD !!

    if any want need info or sharing “PRUDENTIAL ” product can call me !!

    Alan 012-4116602

  9. Great Eastern has a lousy claim service and extremely stupid underwriters? I am not sure about that…
    For you to even put the above statement whether you are sure or not is already unfair.
    I have being a GE agents for the last 19 years & I am proud to said we have products for various needs. I believe we are able to cater to a wider group of people with all honesty. Rather that having a company that only have investment link products for a long, long time & the agent sell to each & every person the same.
    I know we can wear high heels & track shoes to work & for leisure. BUT do you wear the same high heel shoes for tracking & exercise??? In GE we give you a a variety of “shoes”

  10. Hi all,
    Prudential is good,compare to Great Eastern…………Claim susah….banyak protokol,,before joining everything is good..after sign in policy…..tanggung sendiri…

  11. Hi all…
    I m joining Great Eastern from 1994 until now…only one claim had been paid….the rest …lu pikir la sendiri….Great Eastern is VERY BAD CLAIM SERVIVES….
    To all friends,if you if you need insurance policy please think twice For Great Eastern,also their agent…Penipu…

  12. abd razak is prudential agent, only focus for commision paid but not clearly understand about claim procedures..poor agent

  13. Hi , Not all GE agent bad … i still got some GE agent friend thire service also good.. But me is Prudential Agent.. If you need know your personal coverage can call me .. I can make a Good Plan for you .. Call me 0124116602 !! Waiting you ~

  14. i m very proud to have prudential as my insurer.The best product, i have RM 400 per day if i admitted to any hospital either private or govement.5 days means RM 2,000

  15. actually tipu is not the issue most of the policy holder never read their policy,based on my experience if the condition is cover under the policy sure the insurance company will pay. Policy is the contract. So read your policy, if you can claim so fight for it…..jangan cakap ajer…that why but Prudential ..we ask because we want to pay…call me Prudential agent 012-9300204

  16. I myself bought my insurance from great eastern.once I try to compared a prudential product with great eastern.but I never heard anything from my great eastern agent Tat said other company product is not gud.but the other prudential agent just know Hw to said Tat other company product was not Gud,this n tat.I dun think tat was call professionalism.I think which is HUD really depends on Hw the agent do his job.salute to all dedicated agent no matter he or who from which company.

  17. Great Eastern claim process + customer service is really really lousy! I filed a claim since Oct’10, waited for 4 mths, no one called me to update the status. When I called to their customer service, they told me document was not completed. Gosh! I’ve even went to their branch to get help to verify my documents before submission…now cheque was issued but sent via normal post and went missing…A big company not even affordable to send the cheque via registered post? Even worst, asked me to write in about the cheque missing. Why should a customer do that while Great Eastern suppose to ensure everything is in place? Don’t try Great Eastern if you plan for insurance..

  18. Hi,
    I always believe that all insurance are good. Here in Singapore,all financial institutions including insurance cos are highly regulated. So it does not matter where you get it from as long as it’s in Singapore registered. Professional agents should always have a systematic process before a recommendation. Sometimes it may include comparison with other co, wherein agent has to be honest. Most agents have this experience,but at the end of the day client will still choose to take up plan with you because of “your good relationship and service”. We do not need to badmouth other companies, it is not professional, in fact it’s shallowness. Insurance/ Assurance companies play important role in building a nation. And we agents are the field underwriters who reach out to people out there. With the knowledge and expertise, and most importantly the HEART of service, let us do our “calling” with enthusiasm and integrity. And for people who are reading these blogs, don’t rely on these blogs for your decisions, for you may end up with not taking any insurance. Approach an insurance professional and be genuinely interested to know more, listen with an open-mind. You are doing this for yourself and and for the love of your family.

    Insurance is like a parachute. It’s either you have or you don’t. If you don’t have and you need it, you would not need anymore.

  19. Well, after I gone through the blog, now I know which company have better Agent which I should go for…good agent will never say bad about other company…I believe Prudential also have it’s own down time where claim hard to approve just like other just that no body comes and share it here…so to me I’ll not choose Prudential if the agent keep on looking bad at others company(yes the company is good, but look at the agent, is this how the company train them up), I’m so sad to those choose them as part of their agent..servicing their family and life…this is not the way you can win others people heart….I’m writing this as one of the potential customer opinion…so do think about this…

  20. Hello insurance agents.
    It’s time to service your customers, not to make quarrel about who the best and who the worst. Our words show how good our heart is, and these will reflect to our service.
    To all customers, choose the agent whom you know well. He may your relatives, your closed friends, so they could really help you when you need. None of Insurance Company is built to trick its customer.
    Have a good life. Life is great.
    From: me, GE agent in Indonesia

  21. hey all,

    ermm actually im would like to buy a policy for myself.I bet most of the comments above come from agents. haha, i also heard produa and proton sales rep. quarrel comparing their products before.. 😀 As for me, i’ll go for good policy. After sales service isnt a big issue for me as i would prefer to call customer service center, 24/7 i guess. I have friends who get their claims rejected from various company. so I think, claim is subjective matter..i believe if it is a genuine claim and follow all d procedures. i dont think any of insurance co in malaysia would reject d claim. if that happen, i should rise d issue to BNM. so to all agents, what is the best Takaful policy is d market? Im 25 Male, looking for coverage of RM100k with return RM500K at age of 55. how much the premium, any suggestion?

  22. Well, life agent should be more professional way in handling and service prospect.No matter you are in which Ins Co. I think every company have their own standard and
    different benefit to agent.
    Who know may become Millionaire by recruiting more agent.
    Please email me, if you want to know more.

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