PTPTN Ujrah Scheme: Update PTPTN Interest Rate to 1%

As we known, our Prime Minister had announced to reduce PTPTN administration fee from 3% to 1% since year 2008. But, we can see that there are still quite a great number of PTPTN loan borrowers are still paying 3% of administration fee today.

In order to solve the above issue, our government had introduced Ujrah Scheme to encourage all PTPTN loan borrowers to update their information. This is to expedite the process of changing 3% to 1% of PTPTN administration fee.


Under this Ujrah scheme, you need to follow phase by phase in order for you to get reduction of PTPTN administration fee:

i. First, you need to update your info in Ujrah website. What you need to do is just keyed in your identity card number and email address.


ii. Next, PTPTN will process all eligible PTPTN loan borrowers

iii. Then, PTPTN will send a letter of offer to all eligible PTPTN loan borrowers via email.

iv. After filling your details, you need to send it back through registered post. You need to make sure that all the information given is accurate before pressing the button. This is because all the sent registration could not be amended at all.

v. At final stage, PTPTN will adjust the administration fee from 3% to 1% to all eligible PTPTN loan borrowers.

2 thoughts on “PTPTN Ujrah Scheme: Update PTPTN Interest Rate to 1%”

  1. hye david..thanks for this VERY USEFUL info..i did applied online for the Ujrah scheme last month…I took the PTPTN loan in 2003,thus they should replied or contacted me by now…Guess I won’t be surprise that those guys ain’t doin sh*t except getting off the 3% interest rate from us…stupid bugger..i’m still paying their rate for 1% interest..WTF

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