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Public Bank Gold Investment Account

Buy lower, sell higher!!! If you have enough cash to invest, it is a great idea to buy gold to hedge against inflation. And recently, I have opened Gold Investment Account(GIA) with Public bank(PBB) as the service charge is much lower than other banks. Gold has been a tremendous increase in demand since many years ago, thus it can potentially bring higher return in future.

gold investment account

Once you own that account, you will be able to purchase or sell gold at daily prices quoted in Ringgit Malaysia per gram. All the transaction will be recorded in the passbook.

You do not earn any interest from gold investment but you will earn once the gold value appreciate in future. If you plan to sell it, then the gold will be converted to Ringgit Malaysia which equivalent at the Bank’s prevailing counter gold buying price. You can check the gold price online via PBB site also and it will be updated every 20 minutes.

PB gold price

How Much Did I Invest?

I invested 20 grams that day which equivalent to 20g x RM132.19 (bank’s prevailing selling price) = RM 2643.80. Besides that, you also need to pay RM10 for stamp duty fees while opening new gold investment account.

Next, you can try to play cost averaging when the gold price continues to drop. The minimum for subsequent purchase of gold is 5 grams only. But, if you have extra cash then I will recommend you to top up with at least 10g because you are qualified to participate in the “PB Go For Gold” campaign. Under this campaign, every 10 grams of gold will be entitled to one entry for the Grand, 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize lucky draws. So, it could be double bonus for you if you invest gold from 18 January 2011 to 30 April 2011.

PB Go for gold

However, you also need to maintain your gold balance in your account during the campaign period else the winners shall not be entitled to the draw.

If you want to know more details about gold investment comparison, then you can read my previous article -> Maybank vs Public Bank Gold Investment

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  1. xiong Says:

    Did u check CIMB Gold Investment Account? The buy and sell price different is less than PB and Maybank.

  2. Sac Hermes Lindy Says:

    Took me time to study all the feedback, but I seriously liked the submit. It proved to generate into Pretty valuable to me and Im positive to all of the commenters appropriate here Its generally terrific in case you can not just be informed, but furthermore entertained Im particular you had enjoyable writing this submit.

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