Public Mutual Fund Still No.1 In Malaysia Unit Trust Industry

As reported past few months, Public Mutual still maintains no.1 position in Malaysia’s Unit Trust industry. As you can see, this is a strong and stable company for investors during current market conditions.

My friends have been Public Mutual Fund agents for quite some time ago and I support them and invest in the unit trust until now. Of course, it will probably take some time before I get to see the results. So do you invest in unit trust? How’s the performance of your mutual fund?

My Latest Investment Date: 8th May 2009

Top Up Funds:
Public Asean Dividend Fund (well perform, highest NAV price was RM0.29, recommended to invest) – 1k.

Public Euro Pacific Fund (less performing) –1k

Public China Ittikal Fund – 1k.

Generally, the return on investment for mutual fund is higher than bank fixed deposit. However, mutual fund stands the risk of losing money whereas for fixed deposit 100% safe since it is capital guaranteed.

The return on investment more or less should be about the same, or maybe a little bit more if you invest in public mutual. Besides, you can buy and sell your unit at any time, so you have more control to buy units when the price is lower and sell them back when the price is higher. However, I suggest you don’t do so as it is a long-term investment and the fact that they charge you administration fee every time you top up or invest new unit trust.

New Way To Invest Public Mutual Fund With EPF

Seriously, for the coming days, I will invest public mutual fund using EPF Account 1. It’s better to get some of your money in EPF account to be managed by public mutual fund.

Invest In Unit Trust Should Start When You Are Young

If you see unit trust as a tool for you to achieve financial freedom 20-30 years down the road then you must start saving let say RM100 per month. Based on ringgit cost averaging, with capital appreciation and distribution of units, your investment will most probably doubled 20-30 years later.

Personal Finance Tips: Before start investing in mutual fund, invest in your mind first so that you will not lose any of your hard earned money. Invest prudently and get some basic investment knowledge by reading and asking people. Then only decide which is the best type of investment for you.

* Please noted that I m not a financial expert and I write this post based on my experience and the fact that I am very close with many unit trust agent of Public Mutual and Public Bank.

43 thoughts on “Public Mutual Fund Still No.1 In Malaysia Unit Trust Industry”

  1. hehehe… I heard fixed deposit still the biggest fund in malaysia. That’s mean, ppl still investing their money with FD instead of UT. Still a big market to do for UT hehehehe..

  2. talking about unit trust.. i bought at the wrong timing. Bought when it’s high, then it dropped.. still losing a lot of money ler..

  3. Public Mutual is solid but note that many unit trust companies claim to be No 1 in something, it is always possible to do a chart showing how you beat a benchmark. Just find a point in time which tells your story and plot it.

  4. Hey its is simple. A lot of margins have been lost from china funds since 2007. Just compare the 25 sen when they were issued against the low price now. They will move once China recover fast from the second half 2009 onwards. It is as simple as that. So go for china funds !!!!!

  5. Public Mutual fund is definately my No.1 choice with those high dividend from equity fund. But you need to sell (when price is high) and buy back (when it is low) from time to time to make profit. That is what i did not do for the past 5 years. Now, just managed to get back my capital if i sell (coz i’m doing the investment on monthly basis, so, luckily not at a lost). Any comment on keeping it for 20-30 years?

  6. I have sign up for PM Ittikal Fund, for long term savings & investment, heard that China’s economy is boosting however, I am a bit cautious when it comes ti investing my EPF with PM. A number of relatives have rather negative input for PM, they have lost money. But then again, they could be taking out money due to panic attack of the recent economic down turn. If you could advise or give your views on putting in EPF and earn in a long run cuz we do have to be careful where to put our hard earn money.

  7. hi…would like to know more bout public mutual fund…
    eg : which fund shld be invest
    which fund is best??
    got any ranking?
    invest in which field?
    according previous record, which fund performance is best?

  8. i planning to invest Public China Select Fund, Public Saving Fund and Public Regular Select Fund. As per your experience, is that good timing to invest now?

    Above 3 funds, worth to invest?

  9. Hi all,
    I UTC area Klang,Banting. Anybody
    interest or want to know detail abaut Public Mutual, pls call me or
    PM tedapat lebih dari 70 fund. Pastikan anda memilih Fund yang betul dan timing yang betul utk keuntungan max.kerana Kesilapan memilih Fund kemunkinan mengambil masa yang lama utk mendapat keuntungan.

  10. any expert to advise on this investment in sg.petani, kedah? i have invested more than 3 years but making lose more than 50%

  11. My friend is (was) PM agent too and after seeing client losing big time, feel so bad to sell again.
    Yes, No 1 UT in Malaysia but that is just about the size! Not the “consistent” performance.

  12. One of the secrets to success in unit trust is switching. When market is up, you go to an equity fund and when it is down, you go to a bond fund. How do you know what the market will do? You don’t. But if you have a method to determine the current trend, you will do well, Email me at if you are interested to know more.

  13. Hi, SS, The best Shariah fund now is Public Islamic Sector Select Fund (PISSF). If you were invested this fund in Nov 09, you will have a whopping 32% return in one year. Of course, no one can time the market in the world. The only thing we can do is to invest with discipline. I agree with Jordan Goh where you will need to monitor your fund from time to time, then do switching. By switching your funds, you are changing your asset allocation portfolio corresspoding to latest market trends. This is a Must Do Action in order to lock your profit when the Nav price is high, and buy more units when the Nav price is low. Do email me if you need more details at

  14. Look like now is the best time to switch fund from equities to somewhere else as the market seem too high.

    Best strategy is to lock-in some profit first, say switch 40% first.

    If it goes higher at least another 60% still enjoy the grow.

    If it turn another way, at least 40% cash out already.

    Desmond is right, no one can time the market so take profit whenever you can as long as it meet your target ROI. Don’t get greedy.

  15. i had invested about 10k in PCIF last july and the price is about 0.18 per the price is about 0.20 so i got a profit plus minus per trend now should i do a switching for ther fund or just wait the market growth highest.anybody expert please help me..

  16. Public Mutual Berhad is one of the best unit trust company in Malaysia. The best method to invest is by using ‘Ringgit Cost Averaging’. Some will find it,quite hard to go to Public bank and wait to make any investment because of time factor. You can do it through online through or else by ‘Standing Intruction’. I am making the investment weekly through Standing Intruction. By doing this, i can guarantee you, You will surely make profit in 10 to 20 years. And please dont get affected with the unit price, it may go up and down, Our work to make the money work for us is by investment monthly or weekly basis without missing. If you ask me, Public Growth Fund and Public Regular Saving Fund is the best funds. Try investing into it. Money Can Make Alots of Money.

  17. PM is number 1 but in order to fully maximise your return, you need a very good advisor. Choosing a good advisor will determine whether you make money or lose money during recession.

  18. To choose good advisor is simple. Ask them to show proof of their assets under management (AUM). Ask them to print their clients statements. It will show the advisor’s name and how much money he/she is managing for that client. The client’s name may be hidden for confidentiality purpose. Good advisors are those who have more than RM10 million of AUM. The best one has more than RM100 million.

    REMEMBER. People lost money in PM not because of PM funds, not because of economic downturn, BUT because of bad advisors. So choose carefully. DO NOT invest with an advisor who has less than RM10 million of AUM.

  19. That post by Asri on 21 August was an example of bad advisor. He expect you to time the market and choose the fund yourself. That’s wrong. Good advisor knows the market and which fund to invest based on market situation.

    I have an excellent fund. The BEST alternative from fixed deposits. From this fund, I’ll offer two things:

    1. return anywhere between 4% to 8%
    2. capital guaranteed. you’ll never lose money even during market downturn or recession.

    No need to wait long. Just give me 1 year only. SMS me at 017-8848802. DO NOT CALL. I’ll be busy with clients most of the time. SMS me your name and I’ll call you back when I’m free.

    Thanks. Happy New Year.

  20. yup, there is a ying and yang in the money market, a good ut agent will know how to re-park the money in areas when the market is sensing and up and down trend,,,, well i leave everything in the world of ut investing to my agent, and get the feeling of excitement of making and lossssiiiing in the stock market.

  21. I’m a part time finnancial planner and unit trust consultant. My ambition is to help my client to get max return during their retirement not accumulate personal highest AUM(earning more commission). So far all of my client are happy cause there earn more than 10% over a year.

  22. strange, if ut is so good in making money, how come our top 10 richest man don put their 1billion into it to make 0.2billion/year (using 20% as declared by those best ut)?? gossh, if I’m the ut agent, i think just loan RM500k to make RM100k/year (RM8k/month) will be good. don need busy sell ut looh …sit home & relax … who don’t want?

  23. Whne is the best time to invets in unit trust and when is the best time to switch so that you dont hold a fund during market downturn? Switching by following the long term market trend is better than dollar cost averaging if done correctly. Do you also know that you can earn side income from unti trust by becoming an agent yourself and get a discount on the sales charge at the same time? Contact me at or surf for more info.

  24. It is good and safe to invest in Public Mutual funds as they deal only in solid and high performance equities like Public Bank, Maybank, Genting, Tenaga, … etc. They will give you high returns.
    Do regular investment, practice dollar-cost-averaging principle, use Direct Debit Instruction (DDI) and use money from EPF A/C I for your benefits.
    Email me if u want to know more.

  25. there’s this ex-fund manager conducting a seminar on value investing the warren buffett way. the website is

    ive check it and this is probably a good way to understand how to invest in stocks rather than letting other people management for least we can control what stocks enters into our portfolio

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