Samsung Galaxy Note: Feature Rich Affordable Smartphone

Samsung has stormed the world with new smartphones with its latest offering of Samsung Galaxy Note. As you can see, the new category has been introduced with the combination of the portability of the smartphones and the functionality of the tablet. No doubt, it will create a new user experience with an elegant and single device.

The Samsung Galaxy Note features a huge 5.3-inch HD Super AMOLED display with the screen resolution is 1280×800 pixels and the pixel density is 285 ppi. This will definitely makes your web page viewing more comfortable.

s pen

In addition, Samsung Galaxy Note has also introduced a remarkable feature with the S Pen. S Pen allows you to draw images, take notes, mark-up screenshots or maps on the touchscreen. When you have an idea that strikes you, then you can just take out your Galaxy Note and note it down with the S Pen. The innovation is so useful as I can write down to-do lists by just writing on electronic device rather than on paper. Apparently, it will be bring more convenience to me when transferring them into other electronic form of devices.

With the S Memo, now I can write the notes onto the Galaxy Note which would digitize my handwriting and converting it into tidy electronic words. This is to entirely replace the common ways of writing pages of notes during classes last time which ended up with a lot of papers! In the other words, it allows everything to be organized and avoid unexpected occurrences such as losing of papers. So, can you imagine how wonderful this makes our life?

Besides that, there’s no need to carry the diary around as we can do that with S Planner., You can get full control of everything from individual appointments, meetings, tasks by recording it on the calendar.

There’re a series of How-to videos which demonstrate its features and unique apps. Those who are wondering how does it work should check out this video demo as below:

S Pen Experience
Polaris Office
Social Hub & Reader Hub
S Memo
S Planner

In conclusion, Samsung Galaxy Note is truly an all-in-one device that’s lightweight and portable. With all the plus points, I believe that this new amazing device will form factor that might become the norm in the near future.

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