Save Money & Save The Earth By Reusing Plastic Bag

Yes…It’s no doubt plastic bags can create rubbish & not environmental friendly. I am looking forward to see Penang as the first state in the country to practice such good move to combat against climate change.

From what I had read from newspaper:

Lim Guan Eng, Penang Chief Ministry who is also a trained accountant,
stated that the local councils had spent about RM57.6 million,
nearly a third of its income in year 2007, to pay for garbage disposal!!!

Huh…I can’t imagine that!!!

Also, it produces between 1,500 to 1,600 tonnes of garbage per day,
which is about 1kg per person.

Just think about that, why not we reduce the amount of consumption? To recycle requires cost, so by reducing the consumption, we could save our money as well.

plastic bags

Remember using just one reusable plastic bag per week can save the following:

6 plastic bags per week

– that’s 24 in one month

– that’s 288 plastic bags per year

– that’s more than 21, 600 plastic bags saved in a lifetime!

Say No To Plastic Bag Campaign

Those who want to use fresh plastic bags will have to pay for it. Each plastic bag costs 20 cent. This is to encourage the shoppers to bring their own plastic bags when go shopping, thus cutting down on unnecessary use of plastic bags. This campaign is going to start on 1st July for every Monday. The money collected will go to the state fund for the poor society.

This system has been in practice in China and Taiwan for quite some time, I found out that the use of plastic bags has been reduced when the users are required to pay for the plastic bags. The customers in these countries normally bring along their recycle bags instead of using the plastic bags from the super market.

Limitations of Recycling Campaign

Based on my calculation, let say you can buy 200 plastic bags for RM5, RM5/200 = RM 0.025
If i’m the shopper, i don’t mind give away RM 0.025 for RM50 groceries.

Besides, if only on Monday, then it would be useless. The shoppers can prefer to stay home and not buy things on Monday and only buy things during other days.

Now with this in place, it will bring more benefits to supermarket and hypermarket as they will spend less on plastic bags in order to cutting down their cost. But, will they selling things cheaper just because of this? Of course, NO!!! So their profit margin will improve slightly.

Anyway, i just hope that they would implement it successfully so they could be the pioneer state and a good example to the other state in Malaysia.

8 thoughts on “Save Money & Save The Earth By Reusing Plastic Bag”

  1. Penang – a good role model state to follow. Been to Taiwan, they charged 10cents for each plastic bag requested when purchasing anything even from a 7 eleven shop.

  2. ! carry an extra tote (that can be fold into tiny hanky) wherever you go. I love it when IKEA Malaysia introduces the same idea-“PUT A TAG ON THE PLASTIC BAG.” but 20cents too cheap. At least 50cents to a ringgit.

    It’s sad especially in Klang area, where fruit sellers give away the plastic bags abundantly and the buyers just toss it in the drain after they are done with it.

  3. This move would be great if only those aunties and uncles from pasar understand the purpose of this step. It is very frustrating sometimes when I’ve already said I don’t need a plastic bag but yet they insist in giving me one with funny reasons such as “don’t want lah, later the sauce leaks out” or “yerr, if you campur the kuih together like this in one plastic bag, it will not be nice”. Who bothers? After all I’ll be going back home immediately to separate them. The saddest case is that, you can’t yell at them for offering the plastic bags free for you ‘generously’, what more it is in the middle of the crowd. Sigh.

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