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Streamyx Cool Uni Pack Student Package

Streamyx has launched the latest promotion Cool Uni Pack since 1st of April 2010. This is great package for you to subscribe. If not mistaken, it is one of the highlight in our budget 2010 which provide affordable computer with internet connection for students who study in local university.

streamyx cool uni pack

This new Cool Uni Pack only cost you as low as RM38 per month and it does not only offer broadband services at student price, but also offering a FREE HP Mini 210 netbook(market price at RM1299), FREE wireless modem and FREE Streamyx broadband Internet access at 384kbps for 2 years. At the same time, you will get the waiver of activation fee RM75 and installation fee RM88.

It’s not necessary you must subscribe RM38 per month package; you can choose a list of these complete packages:

i) 384kbps unlimited broadband – RM38/month
ii) 512kbps unlimited broadband – RM53/month
iii) 1Mbps unlimited broadband – RM68/month
iv) 2Mbps unlimited broadband – RM83/month
v) 4Mbps unlimited broadband – RM88/month

How to Sign Up Streamyx Cool UNI Pack?

To sign up for the Streamyx Cool UNI Pack, students need to bring the following documents to any TMpoint outlet:

* A copy of identification card
* A copy of student card
* Application form with acknowledgement from their respective university/college

Basic Requirements for Streamyx Cool UNI Pack

And, please make sure that you must be enrolled as 1st or 2nd year students at any IPTA/IPTS in Malaysia. They also must be the student who currently studying for DIPLOMA or DEGREE only.

How if Terminate The Service Within 2 Years?

As stated in the requirement, the minimum subscription period is 2 years upon successful activation of Streamyx. For any premature termination, an administrative fee of RM600 will be chargeable. So, think carefully before you act!!!

18 Responses to “Streamyx Cool Uni Pack Student Package”

  1. lee eng Says:

    if we are doing master program…entitle for this as well?

  2. david Says:

    No…. this is only for Degree and Diploma students which have RM 5000 and below income household only. However you can try it too, who know ur TM point allow?

  3. ain Says:

    what about for foundation student?

  4. Roy Says:

    Nope, masters confirm cannot get
    if you are doing diploma or degree also, you need to be in a certain age group range. If i am not mistaken, must be below 24 years old

  5. Irving Says:

    Have you received the netbook? Can you do a review about the netbook?

  6. el Says:

    Ive received the netbook already :))

  7. thousand Says:

    does the price include telephone rent(rm28/month)?
    n, may i know how the calls will be charged?

  8. hana Says:

    monthly dun have to pay the rental juz pay rm38(based on wut package u take) i want to know about the netbook?izit ok or not?

  9. wincy Says:

    i need to know that this package is it no need pay the netbook fee?
    because my fren say every month return about rm200 o……

  10. Ha Lim Says:

    Do i need to be first year second sem student to apply this package?

  11. Gregory Despain Says:

    Hello, great blog!

  12. Jana Says:

    I’m a 1st sem degree student but didn’t receive the student card yet….may i apply this package even i didn’t have the student card with me?but i did have the application form from my university…

  13. Jack Says:

    i would like to know that will this promotion or package expire…Thanks.

  14. crystal Says:

    can i ask tat tis packages still have in ipoh, perak?

  15. Chenelle Says:

    where can i get the application form? =)

  16. anis Says:

    boleh lagi kalau saya nak langgan? boleh bgtau lebih lanjut tentang streamyx nie?

  17. RAMBORAMLY Says:


  18. colleen Says:

    are this pakage allow to part time student?

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