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My New Year Resolution for 2018 [ December 29th, 2017 ] Posted in » Achievement 2017, My Career Opportunity, News & Announcement, Review

It is the time of the year again for us to review our year-long achievements, make our life plans and also financial goals in 2018. There are a lot of achievements for me to be proud of in 2017, however I can’t manage to tell every individual success in this post – will do only if I have time. Before we bid adieu to year 2017, let me share with you my own plan for 2018.

My Plan for 2018

1. Make a Career Change

If you no longer can find the passion to make a positive difference, even after doing your best, perhaps you are in the wrong field. It’s fine to start over or start again as long as you have thought through it thoroughly. Some of us who are lucky, find ourselves very early in life. You know exactly what you want in life and you know how to go get it. Those who are said to be unlucky are the ones who are always searching.

There’s no guarantee that it won’t fail. All I need is work hard, keep trying and tweaking over time. Get a resume makeover. Think of best answers to give for though interview questions. Employers are often very specific about the skills and experience they are seeking. They prefer to recruit someone who has a proven track record in their sector, which can make it tough to make changes in career path. To improve the chances of job success, it’s important to identify strengths and match them where possible to the needs of potential employers.

It’s rare to find a job immediately. We need to be financially and psychologically important to prepare for a job search that could take a few months longer. However, I will set myself a realistic time frame and do everything I can to stay positive. A career is like a marathon. You have to set realistic goals to know “what” you need to do to get to “where” you want to be.

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AS1M Dividend @ 6.38 cents

Oh yeah…The much awaited moment has finally arrived. Amanah Saham Nasional Bhd (ASNB) had announced the first dividend payout of 6.38 cents per unit for Amanah Saham 1Malaysia (AS1M) for the financial year from 5th August 2009 until 30th Sept 2010.


It’s beyond my expectation as our government said that the dividend payout for Amanah Saham 1Malaysia (AS1M) is only 3-4% since beginning. A lot of people worried about the outcome of this investment and its potential since it is just newly launched.

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December 12th, 2010 | 2 Comments | 6,696 views

Amanah Saham 1Malaysia vs ASM/ASW2020


Amanah Saham 1Malaysia (AS 1Malaysia), which is the largest fund currently will be opened for public subscription from 5th August – 3rd September 2009(30-day offer period). During the offer period, the AS 1Malaysia will not incur any sale charges.

Same as previous Amanah Saham Malaysia and Amanah Saham Wawasan 2020, the minimum initial investment for Amanah Saham 1Malaysia is 100 units while the minimum top up investment is one unit. It will be priced at RM1.00 per unit with a total fund size of 10 billion units.

Everybody knows how Amanah Saham works: Place in RM1,000 or so, and wait till the end of the year to get your “dividend”. That’s it.


The units is subject to an allocation of:
– 50% for Bumiputeras
– 30% for Chinese (So, there will be 3 billions allocated for the Chinese)
– 15% for Indians
– 5% for other races.

Why Amanah Saham 1Malaysia is Launched?

Amanah Saham 1Malaysia is launched to stimulate the local stock market and other investment instruments so that the industry can pick up through new capital investment and provide more employment opportunities.

Where to Invest Amanah Saham 1Malaysia?

Investment in cash are available at:
– Maybank
– Post Office (I suggest you to buy at post office because it opens at 8:30am while bank open 9:15am or 9:30am)

Comparison Between Amanah Saham 1Malaysia and ASM/ ASW2020

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August 2nd, 2009 | 63 Comments | 56,166 views

Latest Malaysian Unit Trust – Amanah Saham 1Malaysia


Our Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak gave Malaysians a surprise after being the Prime Minister for 100 days. He announced that government agreed to launch another new fixed price unit trust fund Amanah Saham 1Malaysia sooner.

This 1Malaysia unit trust fund size is RM 10 billion and open to all Malaysian aged >= 18 years old. This time, the amount allocated should be generous enough, right? Thus, try to grab this opportunity…


I have a great interest on Amanah Saham 1Malaysia and hopefully that the returns are as good as Amanah Saham Malaysia and Amanah Saham Wawasan 2020. I think it would be better if Amanah Saham 1Malaysia can be strictly controlled to ensure that the shares only reserved for medium and low-income earners. This is to encourage poorer community take more benefit of it.

Any Allocation of Amanah Saham 1Malaysia for the Racial Quota ?

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July 15th, 2009 | 58 Comments | 94,710 views