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Celcom Offer Limited Edition Red BlackBerry Torch

Celcom is giving away Red BlackBerry Torch 9800 smartphone everyday start from 20th Jan 2011 till 18th Feb 2011. Only one Red BlackBerry Torch 9800 will be given away each day. All you have to do to join this competition is to subscribe to any BlackBerry plans from Celcom. The contest is open to Celcom Exec and Biz Postpaid customers with a BlackBerry plan.


Celcom has a great idea come out Red Blackberry Torch which can even match your red Chinese New Year clothes also. I guess this year’s CNY celebration will be different for me as I will meet more friend and relatives all over the places. What’s the best way to keep in touch with each other? It’s the BlackBerry data plan that can save your time when need to know the location information from them.


So what phone are you using currently? Planning on getting a new phone for this year? What you need to do is just signing up for any of the Blackberry plans below and you’ll be in the running to own cool red Blackberry Torch 9800!

Celcom Exec Postpaid Blackberry plan

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Celcom Promotion: Offers BlackBerry Bold 9780 As Low As RM1188

Apart from Blackberry Torch 9800, Blackbery Bold 9780 which was released few weeks ago is another device shipped with Blackberry 6. Based on my research, Blackberry Bold 9780 is essentially the enhanced version of Blackberry Bold 9700, with double up the RAM to 512MB. This is to boast it’s performance when it run on latest Blackberry OS which is Blackberry 6.


What’s special today? Celcom will offer you the Blackberry Bold 9780 package for as low as RM1188 now. So, you can now be the first to get the latest Celcom BlackBerry Bold 9780.

Again, Celcom becomes the first in Malaysia to launch the BlackBerry Bold 9780. So, if you can’t wait to get your hands on Blackberry smartphones, then you can find the following Celcom packages and sign up for the most affordable package:


Why Celcom BlackBerry So Popular Nowadays?

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