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Do You Give Money To Parents Every Month?

giving parents money

What makes things worse is that some of the parents are absolutely thinking with money. Once his son/daughter got a fixed salary job then they will ask them to pay this and that. How about your situation?

For me, I not only pay them money but also pay the Internet access, house electrical bill and buy things for them, this is not a forced action but that’s my willingness. I think it’s a kind of responsibility. When my salary increased, so they may enjoy more “allowance”.

My Hard Time Is Over !!!

During studying in college at KL, I like to compare other friends with me; I feel a bit proud and more higher self-achievement because most of them need their parent support (some 100%, 80%, 50%) for their education while I had to shoulder the bulk of the financial responsibility. Who’s know my situation at that time? Nobody!!!

More Reasons Why Should Give Money To Parents

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