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New Year’s Resolutions for 2020 [ December 30th, 2019 ] Posted in » imDavidLee Life, News & Announcement

There are resolutions you hear every year, usually those resolutions involve something along the lines of saving money or getting healthier. Anything you make is going to boil down to the same thing – Better yourself.

Don’t be like this when you’re making your new year resolution
My goal in 2019 is to achieve the goals I set in 2018 that I should have completed in 2017 as I made a promise in 2016 that I planned in 2015.

Now is a great time to identify new and existing opportunities to grow and get 2020 off to a strong start. For 2020, I have set some achievable goals for myself. Accomplishing these goals will bring myself professional joy and positive growth.

1. Make an Impressive Impact at Work

Make impressive impact at work

Being more productive often stands at the top priority list but actually finding the ways to implement it in everyday life is a different kettle of fish. However, I will try to be proactive about going after what I want and doing things without being asked. I will also make it a priority to work on my productivity by using a time diary to become more aware of how I’m spending my time now. Being more focused is also important as it can take an average of 25 minutes to resume a task after being interrupted.

My strategy focus is to:
UNDERSTAND where am I now.
IMAGINE where I could be.
CREATE my strategic move.

Dare to be different. Don’t settle for the ordinary.

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