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Google AdWords Benefits

PaypalIf you’re serious about using Adwords to increase your online income then it would be a good topic for you here.

I’m sure every people would have searched on Google.com to find what they’re looking for and search engine advertising is now the world’s fastest-growing ads market. AdWords program specialises in helping customers to find their website and business using the power of Google.

Why? Because it works! It generates new business, and increases brand awareness. But most importantly is not many people have caught on to this phenomenon yet. So, try grab this golden opportunities and start to work on its!!!

The Only Strategy for Taking Advantage of AdWords

The first thing that came to my mind when I heard about this system was I can bid on famous keywords like Google, Microsoft, Apple, Financial, Money, etc.

These campaigns are not about clicks. They are about ‘impressions’ . I myself always bid with a min CPC (count per click) for high volume keywords and I know there may have low possibilities for people to click on its but it’s very effective to create lots of impressions.

I began new ads with several keywords, and noticed some of the keywords had a minimum 0.18cent per click. For example, the word of ‘Finance’ will cost me 0.35cent per click ; even a phrase ‘Financial Freedom’ also cost me around RM0.20 per click, damn expensive!!!

adwords-keyword.JPG Click to Enlarge

However, I highly encourage you to start because Google’s AdWords still is the highest ROI system nowadays.

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