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Malaysia Petrol Price Will Rise 15 cents per liter

Malaysia government will cut the subsidy budget and will increase the petrol price by 15 cents from the current price (RM1.80 per liter) for RON95. Not only that, our petrol price will hike in schedule. These are our forecast petrol price in between 2011-2015.


* Current 2010 petrol price – RM1.80 per liter for RON95
* 3rd quarter of 2010 petrol price hike – RM1.95 per liter
* 2011 petrol price – RM2.16/liter
* 2012 petrol price – RM2.20/liter
* 2013 petrol price – RM2.34/liter
* 2014 petrol price – RM2.52/liter
* 2015 petrol price – RM2.60/liter

So, basically, these are just the proposed hikes for RON95 only. RON97 was not mentioned at all. Once petrol price hike, everything will be more and more expensive. Manufacturing company & transportation will take this advantage to increase the price. Boss don’t want to increase the salary, end up workers suffer the most. People with higher salary can pay for this price hike but for that lower income group, they will definitely feel the pinch.

My Point of View on Petrol Price Hike

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