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Why Malaysian Employee Prefer Working In Singapore?

Recently, my closest friend of secondary school had shared with me that nearly 5 of his classmates are in Singapore now. I’d say the biggest reason for most of the people work there is due to the currency. Meanwhile, my fellow blogger also have had the same mentality like me.


Honestly, I’m one of those Malaysian who love Singapore too! Though I knew working in Singapore is much more stressful and tough compared to Malaysia, but I think that’s what really challenging about it and eventually we’ll be exposed to more useful working experiences. I believe Singapore provides a better foundation for solid working experiences, especially in multi-national company.

Based on my personal experiences, Singapore is very safe too! I can feel that there will be lower crime rate. In addition, Malaysians working in Singapore has a better deal than Singaporeans because they don’t have to do national service.

Hence they move higher and faster than Singaporean, what do you think? Singapore is a good place to work in due to everybody is treated equal. Although I am not like about Singapore living expenses but I believe that there’s great place for you to get the job satisfaction.

How Singaporean Employers View A Malaysian Employee?

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