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How If Maybank Cash Deposit Machine Spoilt While Depositing Money Halfway ?

Maybank Cash Deposit Machine

1 of my reader went to deposit some money into the Maybank Cash Deposit Machine during nighttime. However, after putting his money in, the machine will display the error message “This machine is temporarily out of service”. This word of “Temporary” does not give assurance to Maybank customer because it does not give clear instruction on what to do? It is so frustrating!

What Should Do If Your Money Stuck In Cash Deposit Machine?

If it is the case, then for sure you will have many questions flashed across your mind, am I right? What should you do? Firstly, do not panic, you must look for phone number to call. You can call this number 1300 88 6688. Call and wait for customer service to respond. After that, they will assure you that the machine will need manual intervention and the money should be safety. Haha…It’s like that…

So, you must go to bank report tomorrow and sign one form and they will ask when and what time you use the machine. However, if your case is real, then the money will be deposited into your account on the same day.

Still Worry Even Make A Call To Maybank Customer Service?

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